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Bagedo IB – Helping SMEs Enter the Saudi E-Market

Bagedo IB – Helping SMEs Enter the Saudi E-Market

Bagedo International Brands (Bagedo IB) offers companies innovative ways to build their online presence.

Recognizing the need of small and medium sized enterprises across the country, Bagedo International Brands (Bagedo IB) is offering innovative and customized digital solutions to companies providing them with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Bagedo IB is made by Saudis for Saudis. Understanding the Saudi Arabian digital and e-commerce market, the company offers expert advice and solutions to local companies willing to build their presence online. The idea for the brand was developed when the founder Hani Bagedo realized that despite offering innovative products and services, many local establishments are yet to enter the widely untapped e-commerce market.

The name Bagedo International Brands was then decided upon, as the company wants to eventually expand their operations internationally to Oman, Kuwait and the UAE and then heading towards the UK and the US.

The artistic logo that resembles a refresh icon was chosen, as the industry in which Bagedo IB operates in requires a refreshed set of mind, which they want to reflect on the services they offer to their clients. This also resulted in finalizing the slogan ‘Refresh Your Brand’ that bears testimony to this and highlights the need for local companies to think afresh towards the Saudi Arabian e-market.


  1. They create an interactive website for their clients that’s easy to use and helps build a strong virtual presence.
  2. They give their client’s multitudes of website themes to choose from that are customizable and reflect their identities.
  3. Offering hassle-free online booking and reservation systems, Bagedo IB helps their clients grow their customer base and booking levels without having to compromise on the quality of service.
  4. Bagedo IB also assists in bringing shoppers to their client’s websites through online promotions, social media interactions and search engine optimization.
  5. They focus on converting online visits by potential customers into purchases through a multitude of secured payment options.
  6. To further enhance the e-commerce experience for their clients, they even offer shipping services and commendable technical and customer support services, all at affordable prices.


According to a 2014 report published by Payfort, in Saudi Arabia there are 15.6 million Internet users, 3.9 million of which are engaged in online transactions.

As per another report by a Dubai based web design company, Saudi E-commerce is expected to hit $13.3 Billion in 2015.

Bagedo IB is part of the long established and renowned Bagedo group, a group of companies whose identity is built on trust and strong values. Hani Bagedo says, “To be the pioneering and leading Internet based platform, reshaping businesses and shopping culture in Saudi Arabia.”

In light of Bagedo group’s core fundamentals of giving back to society, Bagedo IB donates a fixed percentage from each transaction towards charities. Mainly towards charities that deal with widows, orphans and people with disabilities, and has eventual plans to support an even wider range of charities.

Today Bagedo IB’s growing clientele includes restaurants, boutiques, hotels, hospitality related outlets and various other specialized service providers all across the country. With laudable technical and after sales support, BagedoIB is rapidly growing multifold and is helping bring many local brands to the digital space.

Twitter: @BagedoIB
Instagram: @Bagedo_IB
Facebook: /Bagedo IB


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