Busy Mommies’ Instagrams

Yalda Golsharifi

  • Yalda Golsharifi

With 800 thousand followers on instagram, most people are already familiar with the beautiful mother of two, Yalda Golsharifi.

She usually shares her elegant style, fitness tips, and adorable posts of her two daughters, Lily and Sasha.

Instagram: ygolsharifi

  • Dana Hourani

DanaYou’ll fall in love Dana’s feed of her effortlessly edgy style, and her adorable one year old baby, #ZoeRay

Instagram: dana.hourani

  • Kate Sparks

KateYou’ll find plenty inspiration and places to shop for children’s interior design from this wonderful mommy, as she happens to be a children’s interior designer and in-house stylist.

Instagram: littledwellings

  • Katya Raskin

KatyaDesigner behind children label Aquarium Kids, this mother of three’s instagram feed is full of colorful postcards of her travels with her children.

Instagram: kraskin

  • The London Pixie

LondonYou’re to surely fall in love with this mother’s authentic and genuine personality that comes across through her instagram posts.

Instagram: TheLondonPixie

  • Chriselle Lim

ChriselleChriselle is a feminine and classic modern, which also reflects her baby’s style, Chloe!

Instagram: chriselleim

  • Chrissy Teigen

ChrissyThis hilarious model shares delicious recipes as well as photos of her adorable baby.

Instagram: ChrissyTeigen

  • Karen Wazen Bakhazi

KarenTruly an inspiration, Lebanese blogger behind Karen’s Choice and mother of three (under two!) maintains a sophisticated yet laid-back style and a contagious smile.

Instagram: karenwazenb


These 10 Snapchat Filters are Kind of the Best

Photo Credit: wikihow.com

Who doesn’t enjoy Snapchat? Whenever we think it can’t get any better, Snapchat releases a new update that make us love it even more.

To keep things fresh, Snapchat makes at least one new filter available each day, but here are ten we can’t get enough of:

10. The Butterfly Crown

Photo Credit: viralfeels.com

Photo Credit: viralfeels.com

The glowing features, the ethereal glint in your eye, the fluttering butterflies… What’s not to love?

9. Toast Face

Photo Credit: twistmagazine.com

Photo Credit: twistmagazine.com

So what if you did not eat breakfast? You can now become one, thanks to Snapchat.

8. The Chipmunk

maxresdefaultThere’s something so inherently cute about chubby cheeks.

7. Cool Girl Glasses

Photo Credit: teenvogue.com

Photo Credit: teenvogue.com

These sunglasses, along with the accompanying background music, are the ultimate cool girl accessory.

6. The Bee Voice Changer

Photo Credit: notey.com

Photo Credit: notey.com

The first voice-altering filter, perfect for everyone! Especially those who don’t like listening to their own voice on Snapchat.

5. The Glowing Pink Flower Crown

Photo Credit: tenniscanada.com

Photo Credit: tenniscanada.com

Flower crown filters have become among the best-loved Snapchat has ever released, and this one is no exception.

4. The Frown

giphyThis filter’s place in the top 10 could very well be due to its sheer comicality.

3. The (Original) Flower Crown

Photo Credit: bbc.co.uk

Photo Credit: bbc.co.uk

Need I say more?

2. The Puppy Face

Snapchat-Lenses-PuppyYou either love it or you hate it. Well, we love it!

1. The Rainbow Vomit

Photo Credit: reddit.com

Photo Credit: reddit.com

You guessed it, the rainbow vomit filter is our first place winner. Every single Snapchat user went crazy over one of the first ever filters to be released.


How to be Productive During Summer In Jeddah


As many who study abroad know, coming back home for the holidays is a welcome respite from the heavy workload of university courses and indicates a long-awaited reunion with friends and family. Although it is important to take the time to relax and give yourself a well-deserved break, you will soon find out that having basically nothing to do gets really old, really fast. Here are three prime ways in which you can actually be productive this summer and get out of that slump.

  1. Join a Gym

Between all our assignments and coursework, I am sure very few of us manage to squeeze in the time to take care of our bodies and exercise every once in a while. The summer vacation provides an ideal opportunity to get back in shape.
Check out this article on Jeddah’s top gyms.
Top Five Gyms in Jeddah


2. Take some online courses

There isn’t a better time than summer vacation to finish some credits early on and get ahead in your studies, especially when you have around 3 months’ worth of free time.

Oxford Royale Academy offers online courses for ‘University Preparation’. Each course is about SR 147 for instant access and its duration is 4-6 hours. Once done with the course, you are granted a certificate as well. Some of the courses offered include: Introduction to Medicine, Introduction to Law, Human Rights Law, Introduction to Film Studies and English Essay Writing.
Web: University Preparation course

For those interested in photography, The New York Institute of Photography offers ten online courses that you can choose from. The course length is about 270 hours for 6 units.
Web: Photography course

Web: Accredited Online Photography Degrees & Certifications

UCLA also offers online courses for students during the summer. Broaden your horizons and grasp the opportunity. For more information on fees and registration, check out:



3. Find an internship or volunteer

This is particularly relevant for those of us still in our early years of university studies, since finding employment without at least 3 years of studies behind you can be a struggle. An internship is an optimal solution since you will gain some much needed work experience.

To find an internship, contact companies that you are interested in and see if they offer internships. You will be surprised to find out that many companies are probably looking for YOU! As for volunteering, there are many charities and non-profits that would welcome the help such as Mawakeb Al-Ajr, My Library, Open Skies and Help Center.
Read this article about volunteering locations to find out more, Charities and Volunteer Initiatives .



Top Five Gyms in Jeddah


Here at Destination Jeddah, we understand that the last thing you want to do in this heat is work out. These 5 gyms, however, are going to change your mind and finally get you off of your couch, racing to your nearest branch.

Z Club

Z Club markets itself as the “first VIP club in Jeddah.” Considered a highly prestigious clubhouse, Z Club includes a spa, swimming pools, a restaurant, and comfortable lounges, among myriads of other services and amenities. Oh, and not to mention its exceptionally modern gym, which is further enhanced by trained professionals.
Contact Info:

Gold’s Gym

Possibly one of the most famous gym chains, Gold’s Gym opened its first branch in Venice, California in 1965. Over half a decade later, Gold’s Gym is catering to over 3 million members in 22 different countries. In Jeddah alone, Gold’s Gym has 7 branches open, and one does not need to wonder why. Gold’s Gym provides members with state-of-the-art equipment, exciting classes, and dedicated trainers.
Contact Info:
Tel: +966-12-2282830 (Tahlia St., female branch)
+966-12-2282882 (Al Zahra Dist., male branch)

Curves Gym

Curves gym exploded onto the fitness scene with an ingenious new concept that satisfied everyone: you’re in and out of the gym in 30 minutes. In today’s world, time is an issue for everyone, and “I just don’t have time” is the universal excuse for not going to the gym. With only 30 minutes to dedicate to working out, Curves made the gym experience much more accessible and appealing to a wide range of people. Unfortunately, Curves is only available for females.
Contact Info:
Tel: +966-12-2064570 (King’s Rd. branch)

Olympia Health Club

Originally conceived as The Health Promotion Center at Fakieh Hospital, Olympia Health Club opened to the general public after noticing that it was gaining attention from more than just the hospital’s patients. Olympia today accommodates males, females, and children. Children can make good use of their time with Olympia’s after-school activities and Summer Sports Camp, while their parents can enjoy the gym’s high-quality facilities and services.
Contact Info:
Tel: +966-12-6655000, Ext 1501/03

Fitness Time

Fitness Time is a 100% Saudi company, which is only one of the aspects that make it a good choice. Fitness Time lists ten other reasons why you should join the gym, not the least of which include loyal service, convenience, value, friendliness, and commitment to improvement. Fitness Time has six distinct ‘brands’, with each one offering something completely different and unique than the other. The brands are: Fitness Time Plus, Fitness Time, Fitness Time Pro, Fitness Time Junior, Fitness Time Basic, and Fitness Time Academy.
Contact Info:
Tel: 920003131 (unified number)