Helpful Google Applications (minion edition)

The ultimate guide on must have Google Application that you can not simply live without!

  • Google photos– to backup your picture automatically. The cool thing about this app is that it recognizes faces and you can search accordingly , did I mention that once photos are backed up you can delete the original ones from your phone hence increasing your storage!
  • Google Drive– Going for work or travelling carrying you electronic devices such as USB is essential and it can sometimes be a hassle especially if you have like 5-6 USBs! So why not save all your work online which can be accessed literally from anywhere at any time?  
  • Google Keep– used for making notes, audio notes, images and to-do lists. Reminders can be set. Highlight notes with different colors. These can be shared with others.
  • Google Docs and Slides: These are very similar to Microsoft Documents but Google Docs can be created online and saved on the Google Drive. It can also be shared with others.

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Jeddah’s First Girls School: Dar Al-Hanan


At destination Jeddah, we came across a unique video that showcases women’s education in Saudi Arabia almost 40 years ago. A lot has changed since then, however, what has not changed is the role of women improving society, as currently 60% of women in Saudi Arabia are university graduates. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did.


Bahrain Through Our Lens: Farmer’s Market

FarmersMarket_Bahrain_2016_TS (04)

Not just a farmer’s market!

Once the cool weather starts setting in, residents eagerly wait for the annual farmers market to be announced to plan out their fun-filled Saturdays. Local farmers proudly present and sell their organic seasonal produce while breakfast stations are scattered around presenting guests with traditional breakfasts and delicious snacks! Families go on morning picnics and children take part in the numerous fun activities planned out for them!

Date and TimeInstagramLocation

Every Saturday

From 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Annually: December to May

Budaiya Botanical Garden

Glory With Flower Crowns

In agrarian societies, tied to the land and the seasons, flower crowns had great symbolic meaning.
Worn for practical and ceremonial reasons, they could illustrate status and accomplishment (Olympic olive wreaths). The language of flowers and herbs was well-known, with each carrying its own meaning (“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembering. Please remember, love. And there are pansies, they’re for thoughts,” says Ophelia in Hamlet.)

What’s especially cool about DIYing a flower crown? It is affordable and it looks fabulous. One of my favorite DIY websites shows how simple these cool crowns can be.


Happy International Women’s Day: Saudi Arabia’s Journey


Today the world celebrates International Women’s Day. For those who have misconceptions about Saudi Women, the following infograph will help in breaking those stereotypes. Saudi women have always and will continue to be essential contributors to society. The road to success is not restricted, and our journey continues. 




8 Types Of People You Meet At The Gym


Gym enthusiasts come across many different kinds of people, every time they head to their gym. There’s no running away from it.

The gym at times can be a place of dedication, determination and focus, but there are moments where it is beyond entertaining- thanks to those who make the gym more interesting. Just make sure not to fall off your treadmill.

Here is a shortlist of people I have, and maybe you’ve, come across at the gym:

The talk show host: Doesn’t actually do anything except walk around and start conversations with everyone and anyone for no apparent reason.


The selfie photographer: We all love a good selfie at the gym to see results -bring on the motivation-, but when it turns into a photo shoot…


The thumb workout: The ones who can’t seem to pull away from their mobile phone…even for a second, or wait a workout…


The beast: This is the one who thinks he’s Hercules reincarnated. All they talk about is how many lifts they’ve done, how much weight they can pull, how they live at the gym and have no social life whatsoever.


The treadmill model: Hey you Victoria, you are not a secret. In case you missed the memo, the gym isn’t a catwalk.


Signed up today, no show up tomorrow or…ever: I think this is self explanatory really


The no-hope gym goer: Gaining muscle doesn’t mean only lifting weights, how about a full workout, cardio maybe? No one wants big arms and chicken legs.


The “I can’t stop eating Al Baik even at the gym”: Yes, it’s happened, we’ve all seen it.


Libra boutique’s Abaya Fashion Days 4: What To Expect

Libra Boutique Abaya Fashion Days 4

Libra Boutique, a fashion boutique that aims to provide a platform for other talented designers to exhibit and showcase their creations.

Libra will be hosting the final segment of their Abayah Fashion Days for this season. They will be hosting 23 designers on 1st -3rd March.


What to expect from the event:

  • Two stories filled with rails of abayas. If you’re like me and you fall in love over and over again with every beautiful abaya you meet; then prepare to be amazed.
  • Friendly designers. Each designer is usually standing close by to her collection; feel free to ask questions about their collection, their inspirations and their contact information. This way they can contact you when they have future launches and collections.
  • Libra hosts not only abaya designer, but also accessories like turbans, scarves and jewelry. Silver Basha and Samar Sign are definitely worth looking at.
  • English afternoon tea. Being a Brit myself, I am super excited about this. Noon the English tearoom, a sponsor, will be hosting a finger food buffet.
  • Rana Ismail, a co-founder of Libra and a designer in her own right, will also be showcasing her abayas.
  • This event is a great opportunity to meet local businesswomen, designers and professionals fro different industries. Take your business cards; they will come in handy.

Here’s a list of the designers who will be participating in this segment:

  • Manar Al Rawi 
  • Abayah boutique by Maha Al Khrajiy 
  • Ruba Al Dakhil 
  • Sahar Salama 
  • Sh Abaya 
  • Arwa store 
  • Tailor bird 
  • Nourah Alsaegh 
  • R’s Atelier 
  • Hiba Assaly 
  • Jilbab_nr 
  • Aureola 
  • Diamond Abaya 
  • Shada Bogari 
  • Wessam Abaya 
  • Samar Tammar 
  • Toile 
  • Meem 
  • Luna’s Abaya 
  • Nuha Abaya 
  • Rana Ismail 
  • Silver Basha
  • Samar Sign 
More Info

Tel: +966-12-6116335 / +966-540884744


Location: Abdul Maqsood Khoja, Al Rawdah Dist.

Instagram: libraboutique