8 Types Of People You Meet At The Gym

Gym enthusiasts come across many different kinds of people, every time they head to their gym. There’s no running away from it.

The gym at times can be a place of dedication, determination and focus, but there are moments where it is beyond entertaining- thanks to those who make the gym more interesting. Just make sure not to fall off your treadmill.

Here is a shortlist of people I have, and maybe you’ve, come across at the gym:

The talk show host: Doesn’t actually do anything except walk around and start conversations with everyone and anyone for no apparent reason.


The selfie photographer: We all love a good selfie at the gym to see results -bring on the motivation-, but when it turns into a photo shoot…


The thumb workout: The ones who can’t seem to pull away from their mobile phone…even for a second, or wait a workout…


The beast: This is the one who thinks he’s Hercules reincarnated. All they talk about is how many lifts they’ve done, how much weight they can pull, how they live at the gym and have no social life whatsoever.


The treadmill model: Hey you Victoria, you are not a secret. In case you missed the memo, the gym isn’t a catwalk.


Signed up today, no show up tomorrow or…ever: I think this is self explanatory really


The no-hope gym goer: Gaining muscle doesn’t mean only lifting weights, how about a full workout, cardio maybe? No one wants big arms and chicken legs.


The “I can’t stop eating Al Baik even at the gym”: Yes, it’s happened, we’ve all seen it.


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