Get the Kids in the Kitchen and Have Some Fun!

Mix the batter and sprinkle some fun with your little ones.

Baking is an integral part of cooking.

Spending time with your children in the kitchen is not just great fun but the perfect opportunity for them to learn about cooking. The smell of baking, the excitement of seeing cakes as they come out of the oven and the joy of eating them will help inspire a healthy interest in food.

Allow plenty of time.

Let them get involved as much as possible. Choosing recipes and helping with the shopping can be as much fun as the actual cooking and eating. Remember that scraping the bowl and licking the spoon is the chef’s prerogative, not to mention the best bit!

Keep it simple.

Choose a recipe that is suitable for the age and attention span of your child. Use quick and easy recipes for young children, saving the more creative and complicated ones for the older children to experiment with.

It’s going to get messy!

It’s a fact, smaller hands won’t be as accurate when it comes to weighing, cracking eggs and spooning cake mixture, but so what if your kitchen descends into chaos under a cloud of flour? It’s all part of the fun.

Need inspiration?

The internet is full of fun baking ideas but cook books are a great resource with inspiring pictures. Kids will love flicking through the pages and choosing what to make.  Look at cookbooks designed especially for them.

Get creative.

When it comes to decorating cakes, colorful icing, sprinkles and sweets spark the imagination. Themes are fun to follow too: characters, pirates, butterflies and all things pretty work well. But remember, perfection is not the aim; having fun and making something delicious that your children will want to eat is.81rvaifijsl-_sl1500_

Why not try the Hummingbird chocolate cupcakes recipe with chocolate frosting?

Recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, by Tarek Malouf.  This recipe has been tried and tested. NB. A longer cooking time may be required and if you want to reduce the sugar intake, make half the quantity of chocolate frosting.


Not Muslim? No problem!

Here are five ways to connect with the Ramadan spirit in your own way.

Take up meditation

Ramadan is a time for reflection. Meditation boasts both mental and physiology benefits from reducing stress, blood pressure and aging, to increasing happiness, self-awareness and acceptance. Download the app Calm or Headspace to help you get started. If you have the time, head west on Makkah Rd. and find your very own meditation spot on the cliffs.Iftar-Meal-4

Perform an act of kindness

Show consideration or appreciation for someone with an act of kindness no matter how small. In making others feel valued, we make ourselves feel valued; which in turn encourages us to have a more positive approach to life. Focus on the important things this month and don’t sweat the immaterial.

Make it a date

As the Muslim community around you fasts by day and feasts by night, don’t miss out on the festivities. Arrange to meet with friends for dinner at a Ramadan tent and feel the buzz of the celebrations. Hotels like the Four Seasons, Al Faisaliah and the InterContinental are well known for their iftar tents.Dubai-Police-Ramadan-Campaign

Start a dinner club

Nothing beats taking the time to gather people around a table to break bread. Sharing platters work well for large groups, and can help people feel more social. You can even ask guests to bring dishes of their choice. Whether you decide to make it a weekly or monthly occurrence, just make it happen this month.dsc9550


What better way to connect with the spirit of Ramadan than by fasting? Fasting is a way for Muslims to develop empathy with the less fortunate. You don’t have to adhere to all the rules, just do whatever you can. If you get the opportunity, break fast with a Muslim family. We learn more about a people when we share a meal with them.