Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

August’s Dining Scoop

August’s Dining Scoop

Afia Enters Guinness World Records
AOn July 5, Afia International Company broke the world record for the world’s largest connecting table during an iftar event at the Jeddah Historic Festival under the patronage of Prince Mishaal bin Majid. The connecting tables measured 1,508 meters at length and this was certified by the adjudicator from Guinnes World Records who came from abroad exclusively for this occasion.

3The longest connecting tables hosted various charity houses, people with special needs, Afia management as well as members of the press.


This Just In!

Rude Shake:
Their slogan is that they make milkshake out of everything. Located in Event Mall.
Instagram: @rudeshake

Brain Freeze:
Now open to give you brain freezes. Located on Kayyal Street in Rawdah District.
Instagram: @brainfreeze_me


4You’ve Got to Try

Gaufro is actually known for having the best waffles in the western region. They have three locations: two in Makkah and one on the highway from Makkah to Jeddah. Keep it in mind on your next drive on that highway!
Instagram: @gaufro


5Instagram Pick of the Month:

Sucre De Nada
If you’re looking for new desserts to try, check out Sucre De Nada on Instagram. Her account is one of the most popular ones in town. It offers a big variety of Middle Eastern and international desserts. Whether you want something fruity, chocolaty, nutty or speculoos, she’s got it.
Instagram: @sucredenada


8Keep an eye out for these place

7Al Thamarat Restaurant
Renowned for offering authentic Hijazi cuisine, Thamarat restaurant captivates diners with its narrative of succulent and timeless traditional flavors. Their signature dish, Fattat Ras, has been creating a stir amongst fine dining lovers in the city.


The dish is made from fateer soaked in a delectable broth and topped with the prized meat of a lamb’s head. Served in a traditional Hijazi setting the dish immerses diners in a cultural experience.


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