Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Attention Surfaces!

Attention Surfaces!

The things you should clean every day and probably don’t.

We’ve all neglected cleaning a few items in our homes at some point. There are things we know we have to clean daily but always put it off. Well, now is the time to go back to whatever it is you wanted to get to but couldn’t find the time. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get our deep cleaning mode on.

Remote Controls

Similar to our phones, we touch our remotes every day, spreading germs and dead skin cells all around. Wipe it down with disinfectant wipe or rub it with a piece of cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Light Switches

Imagine how many times a day we touch those? Whether our hands are clean or not, each time we touch a light switch we are spreading germs. Just go over it with a piece of cloth and rubbing alcohol and you’re good to go.

Door Knobs

I don’t even have to mention the importance of this one. When was the last time you attended to your door knobs? Come on, go give it a quick wipe right now, you know you want to.


You should take off the cushion covers in your living area and dry clean them at least once a week. Our living area is probably the most place we sit and chill in, so the cushions are heavily used on a daily basis.


Our windows carry a lot of dust and microbes. We must clean them at least a couple of times per week so we don’t allow the bacteria to enter our homes.

The Fridge

How many times have we overlooked this task and ended up with spoiled food in the fridge? Attend to your fridge daily, check on your food and clean the inner and outer areas to maintain cleanliness.

The Trash Can

It’s not just taking out the trash and replacing a new garbage bag that counts, you must clean the actual trash can with soap and water to make sure there aren’t any remains or germs lingering on from last night’s waste.

Laptop/ Computer keyboard

In addition to the germs on your hands, your keyboard collects food crumbs, hair and dead skin cells. Use compressed air to get all the crumbs out, and then use a cotton swab dabbed in rubbing alcohol to wipe between the keys.

Dish Towels

It’s highly recommended to wash your dish towels every day. Since they’re regularly used to dry hands, clean up your countertop, and wipe down surfaces, dish towels pick up huge amounts of bacteria on a daily basis.


Even if you pull the hair out of your hairbrushes, you should still give them a good rinse off. Soak them overnight in warm water and baking soda to have them feeling brand new.

Coffee Maker

You should clean your coffee maker after every use. The reservoir in coffee makers hold a great number of bacteria and mold. To keep it clean, run a vinegar and water solution through it. Use the same solution to wipe it down when you’re done using it for the day.


Microwaves are used so often, but we tend to always forget about cleaning them after. An easy way to clean your microwave is to wipe the inside with a vinegar and water solution.


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