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Athar Festival of Creativity to Take The Stage in Riyadh

Athar Festival of Creativity to Take The Stage in Riyadh

The Athar Festival of Creativity  serves as the central gathering point for Saudi Arabia’s creative community. It’s a source of inspiration and a platform for sparking creativity, showcasing Saudi Arabia’s marketing prowess and highlighting the vital role creativity plays in shaping the country’s future. 

By bringing together renowned international industry leaders, the festival aims to become Saudi Arabia’s epicenter for inspiration,  collaborative innovation, and festivity. It offers brands and agencies the opportunity to foster connections and conduct business, all while shedding light on the business benefits of creativity. 

Athar Festival of Creativity to Take The Stage in Riyadh

The festival is scheduled for November 14 and 15, offering two stages and more than 30 hours of content delivered by international and regional industry leaders. The expected attendees include over 1,500 pupils from not only the MENA region but many more places as well. The festival also, including the Young Talent Academy and Awards, is scheduled to take place at the Crowne Plaza Riyadh.

With so much to offer, planning out a thorough visit to the festival is necessary, especially if you want to explore the different programmes, visit different speakers and look through the varying awards that will be presented. 

The Festival promises a dynamic and insightful lineup of programs, renowned speakers, and a number of awards to celebrate creativity and innovation within the Kingdom. With a diverse range of panel discussions, talks, workshops, and interactive sessions, Athar is primed to be a must-attend event for creative enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The festival’s agenda boasts a variety of interesting programs, including panel discussions that offer information on industry trends and best practices. Topics like “Best Practice for Brands” and “How AI is Revolutionizing the Creative Process” will provide valuable insights.

Athar also presents an engaging series of talks, featuring subjects such as “Navigating Content Creation,” “Emotional Alchemy,” and “Creative Community Building,” among many others. 

Athar Festival of Creativity to Take The Stage in Riyadh

In addition to these structured programs, the festival offers various workshops and interactive sessions to foster skill development, creative expression, and networking opportunities.

Moreover,  the festival also features a remarkable lineup of speakers who are experts in their respective fields. Some of the notable names on the roster include, Ahmed Cahtila, the Director of Brand and Communication, Hungerstation, Asmaa Quorrich, the  CMO, Saudi Tourism Authority, Donya Abdulhadi, the Senior Advisor, Marketing and Communications, Ministry of Culture, Diriyah Biennale Foundation, and so many others. 

These speakers will share their experiences and insights during the festival, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

As for the awards, Athar will take a moment to recognize and honor exceptional contributions with its Athar Special Awards. Chosen at the discretion of the organizing committee, these awards aim to celebrate and promote creative excellence. The award categories include:


Athar Legacy Awards of the Decade:

– Media Network
– Network
– Agency
– Brand

Athar Special Awards:

– Creative Leader
– Marketer
– Disruptor
– Legend Award
– Empowerment



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We at Destination, are also delighted to announce that our Editor-In-Chief, Maria Mahdaly will be taking part in the festival, as a speaker, sharing her valuable insights and stories of her own. 

The Athar Creativity Festival is more than just a gathering; it is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and excellence in the creative industry. Withso much to offer, Athar is set to inspire, empower, and recognize the best creative minds in Saudi Arabia. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be a part of the kingdom’s creative transformation.

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