Art Talk With Hamza Jamjoom

By Hamza Jamjoom

Art Talk with Hamza Jamjoom: Shaker Kashgari and Calligraphy

Name: Shaker Mohammed Kashgari
Age: 27
Field (Type of Art): Arabic Calligraphy (Kufi Square Script + Freestyle Calligraphy)
Instagram: ShakerKashgari

How did you begin?

It all started in 2013, when I realized my passion for Arabic calligraphy. My handwriting was bad since I was an amateur, and it took me around three years to become what I am today. Practice is the key, and also never stopping. I used to read Arabic calligraphy books and watch videos of well-known calligraphers and that helped a lot.

What’s the concept behind your art?

Not all my pieces have concepts; I try to concentrate on the beauty side and the simplicity of the artwork itself.

What are your plans or goals for the future?

My goal is to design Arabic calligraphy physical landmarks either in Saudi Arabia, the Arab world or even globally.

How can people buy your art?

They can contact me on Instagram or via email,

About the Author:

Hamza Jamjoom is a stylist, makeup artist and designer. His thoughts and wild imagination are portrayed in his staging of conceptual photo shoots.

Instagram: hamza_jamjoom

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