Art District With Hamza Jamjoom

By Hamza Jamjoom

Art Talk with Hamza Jamjoom: Nora Al Mazrooa and Ceramics.

Name: Nora Ahmed Al Mazrooa
Field (Type of Art): Ceramics
Social Media Accounts: noraceramics

How did you begin?

I was very interested in arts ever since the early stages of my life. I took that interest a step forward when I majored in Islamic educational art during my BA. I was later appointed in that department as a teacher’s assistant; I then completed my MA in ceramics in the UK. I am currently working as a lecturer in the university and I’ve gained so much from teaching. Working alongside other artists in the same field in their studios is something that has majorly benefited my practice.DSC_0276

What’s the concept behind your art?

I often draw connections from within the multi-cultural world around me and from my experiences. Our society is a rich source of inspiration; therefore, I am often informed by it. This results in producing artworks that labor as a social commentary. I personally connect with Arabic calligraphy as a strong representation of my identity.DSC_0413

What are your plans or goals for the future?

On the academic level, pursuing a PhD in my field of specialization is something I am seriously considering. As for my studio/art practice, I have been wanting to create a studio space for ceramic enthusiasts, as I was surprised by the number of interested people I have been approached by. A ceramics space that would be accessible to people is something I am currently looking into with my ceramics partner.DSC_0450
How can people buy your art?

By contacting me through my email address:

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