Art District: Roya Barasien

By Hamza Jamjoom

Art Talk with Hamza Jamjoom: Roya Barasien and Painting.

Name: Roya Barasien
Age: 21
Field (Type of Art): Watercolor and Acrylic Abstract Painting

How did you begin?
I began painting within the last three years. I’ve always been an artist though and all my hobbies include some form of art: writing, music, cooking, etc. So it came natural. Plus I went into graphic design, so it gave me an understanding of art.

What’s the concept behind your art?
It’s usually a representation of something I went through or felt.

What are your plans or goals for the future?
I hope to collaborate more and showcase my work more often.

How can people buy your art?
People can reach me via my website.

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