Art District: Rawan Al Amoudi


By Hamza Jamjoom

Art Talk with Hamza Jamjoom: Rawan Al Amoudi and Fashion Design.

Name: Rawan Al Amoudi
Age: 27
Field (Type of Art): Fashion Designer and Artist
Instagram: r27_al

How did you begin?
Since I was a child I was always inspired by art, music, history, architecture and fashion. Music such as heavy metal rock and orchestra were always a huge inspiration for my designs.

What’s the concept behind your art?
I don’t have a main concept but my designs are usually black and dramatic, and it’s not just about the clothes; it’s about the story behind the clothes. My latest collection, named “Girl On Fire,” is inspired by the story of Joan of Arc. The collection is an avant-garde eveningwear F/W 2017. The story behind it is a vision of altered suits of armor but modernized with strong construction of geometric shapes.

What are your plans or goals for the future?
I hope to leave an impact on the fashion world; my own trademark both locally and internationally. I also hope to inspire others.

How can people buy your art?
Honestly I don’t have my own shop yet but I’ll start via social media.

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