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Around Al Hamra’a

There’s so much more to Al Hamra’a district than just shopping and dining. This part of Jeddah has lots to offer if you’re after something a little exciting. Here are some of the options for you.

Find Out Why Jeddah is the Art Hub of KSA

The creative scene of Jeddah is thriving and with that, galleries and art in general pepper its different neighborhoods. Al Hamra’a is one of the focal points, especially with Tahlia Street within its 5-mile radius.

Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos

  • Athr Contemporary Art Gallery

One of the leading galleries in the Kingdom and home to the works of renowned Saudi artists like Ahmed Mater, Dana Awartani, and Muhannad Shono. Their international collection is also well-curated, with a good mix of regional and global creators.

Location: Serafi Mall, Tahlia St.
Tel: +966-12-2845009
Timing:  10 AM – 2 PM, 5 – 9 PM
(Sun – Thu) 3 – 9 PM (Sat)

  • Museum of Arts Home

This is a major cultural landmark in the city that includes the heritage and traditions of Hejaz, clothing, furniture and the environment of this ancient region. It’s a museum full of antiques and murals of international artists.

Location: AlKala St., Al Hamra’a Dist.
Timing: 8 AM – 12 PM

Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos

  • Darat Safeya Binzagr

An artspace that celebrates regional and fine arts. A great place for discovering Saudi Artists and getting indoctrinated with the local creative culture.

Location: 4303 King Abdullah Branch Rd., Al Baghdadiyah Al Gharbiyah, Al Hamra’a
Tel: +966-12-6571030
Timing: 10 AM – 4 PM (Sun – Thu) | 10 AM – 2 PM / 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM (Sat)

Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos

  • Get spiritual vibes at Hasan Anani Mosque

Located along central Jeddah Corniche at the intersection of Al Hamra’a Street and Corniche Road, the Hasan Anani Mosque is one of the stunning mosques in Jeddah with Egyptian architecture. It has a shimmering gold tinted dome and beautiful calligraphy along with mosaics in different colors.

  • Corniche Open Air Museum

Designed as a grand scale public art museum, Jeddah confers a sense of modernity blended with traditional culture. Having a walk by the open-air Corniche museum you will come across 20 of the most admirable sculptures by Henry Moore, Victor Vazerally, Cesar Baldaccini and lots more.

Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos

  • Stroll or roll by the Jeddah Fountain

Put your skates and get rolling on the lively Middle Corniche Park where you can enjoy a serene sunset. Adding to the magnificent scenery is the sparkling Red Sea and take a stroll near the tallest fountain in the world, King Fahad Fountain.

Location: Corniche Rd., Al Hamra’a
Timing: Open 24 hours

Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos

  • Jeddah Flagpole

Minutes away from Al Hamra’a District towards the roundabout is Jeddah’s patriotic flagpole, the tallest in the world. Make sure you capture the opportunity to visit the symbolic pride of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Location: King Abdullah Square, AlRuwais

Dine at Restaurants with Views

Fancy dosing up on a meal while enjoying 360-degree views of the King Fahad Fountain? Try one of these restaurants:

Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos

  • Dilek Cafe & Restaurant

Not only a restaurant with a gorgeous view, but also serves marvelous Turkish meze and kebabs.

Location: Corniche Rd., Al Hamra’a
Mob: +966-582011768
Instagram: dilekrsa

  • Spears Restaurant

Spears boasts to be Jeddah’s first Brazilian churrascaria with sublime views of King Fahad’s Fountain. The restaurant has a wonderful buffet with a line up of all kinds of succulent meat.

Location: Intercontinental Hotel, Hussain Basalamah, Al Hamra’a
Tel: +966-12-2295574
Instagram: spears_jeddah

Sourced Photos

Sourced Photos


Discover marine life marvels and guess what? You can swim with dolphins too. They also have their Blue Ocean Restaurant right beside the waterbreak.

DKSA Recommends:
Make sure to get a reservation, once there you can order the fresh catch of the day.

Location: Al Nawras, Corniche Rd.
Tel: +966-12-6066144
Timing: 10 AM – 11 PM, Sun – Thu | 1:30 PM – 11 PM, Fri – Sat

Try Hejazi Cuisine at Al Nakheel

Want to try a traditional feast? Al Nakheel offers authentic Saudi dishes, particularly Hejazi (western region) favorites.

DKSA Recommends:
Order some Mantu, the Jeddah version of dumplings, yaghmoush, and mutabag.

Location: Corniche Rd.
Tel: 920013150
Instagram: alnakheel_jeddah

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