Aromatherapy and Essential Oils: Remedial Benefits and Uses

Rid yourself of aches and pains using natural essential oils.

By Zareen Muzaffar

There are natural scents known as essential oils, which have plenty of health benefits. These oils can be used for massages or in an aromatherapy diffuser.

Some of the health benefits of aromatherapy include:

Certain oils are great for digestion. Vanilla essential oil has proven effective in relieving upset stomachs and reducing sweet cravings. Peppermint essential oil is good for pain relief, anti-inflammation, cramps and stomachaches.
Energy Booster
Some of the popular essential oils that can give you energy include black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, jasmine, tea tree and sage.
Headaches/Pain Relief
Many people who suffer from headaches use oils such as eucalyptus or sandalwood to treat headaches. Applying a bit to the scalp, temples or neck can help with pain relief. Headaches are also cured by massaging the scalp with almond, coconut or sesame oil.
Relieve Stress
Soothing scents have the ability to relieve stress. Lavender and chamomile tea is a hot favorite among those who find it difficult to sleep at night. Pure lavender oil is said to ease you into sleep. You can either sprinkle on a tissue and place it under your pillow or use an aromatherapy diffuser.
Refine Your Skin
Essential oils can help promote a clear-looking complexion, soften the signs of aging and nurture healthy-looking hair. Tea tree oil is great for oily skin that’s prone to acne while lavender helps with minor skin irritations.

Did you know?

Essential oils are not the same thing as fragrance oils. Essential oils come from plants while fragrance oils are artificially created and often contain synthetic chemicals. While they may smell good and are typically less expensive, they will not give you the therapeutic benefits of organic essential oils.

If you want to try fragrance oils, The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works and Lush offer products for relaxation and deep moisture.

Note: If you have sensitive skin or suffer from some skin ailment, it is strongly advised you visit a dermatologist. Similarly, if you suffer from strong allergies, please visit your doctor before trying aromatherapy.


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