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Arena – An Exercising Experience for Everyone

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Arena has cemented its name as one of the most successful martial arts and CrossFit institutions in the Kingdom with its fitness programs and its dedicated coaches. Not only has it left an impact on adults, but on children as well.

Arena is a Saudi brand that gained international acclaim for its mixed martial arts (MMA) fitness activities. Arena Heroes is the MMA facility for children; it helps them reach their full potential and develop their stamina, strength and complete sense of respect. Arena and its Heroes are affiliated with American Top Team, one of the largest and most prestigious MMA academies in the USA, which runs the curriculum and ensures the correct structure for each MMA class.

It is not about becoming a martial artist in the gym, it’s about being a better human. — Coach Stefan

Coach Stefan responds to parents who fear that MMA is violent, “I teach children the art of fighting so they can actually avoid it. Children learn how to deal with confrontation; they understand what techniques to use in order to defend themselves without necessarily hurting their attacker.”

Parents at Arena are delighted with their children’s character development.
Dr. Arwa Jamjoom tells us, “What made me think of jiu-jitsu was his personality; he doesn’t like fighting or confrontation at all. And because boys’ world is harsh with a lot of bullying at school and such, I had to teach him how to defend himself.”

Ahmed Hafez is another parent who recognized the change in his son’s demeanor. He elaborates, “He gained confidence, self-discipline and a sense of time management from the sport. He definitely changed. It all comes down to how he is trained. The instructors here are allprofessionals and know what they are doing They tell the children this is a submission sport and it is for defending themselves in certain situations only.”

Another mother points out how sports have altered more than just her children’s dietary regimes. She clarifies, “My kids eat healthier now, they make sure they don’t waste their efforts on junk food.”

Arena aims at emphasizing the significance of sports to everyone, not just its own participants. One of its projects to encourage people to work out more included sending staff members to the walkway, where they would conduct free exercising classes to the public there.

Another activity Arena plans on doing is a weight loss challenge for charity. Wherein different staff members would lose weight and then exchange the amount of weight lost into money that is given to charity later.


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