Apps for Finding Halal Food while Traveling Abroad

Want to travel the world and eat halal?

Here are some halal food apps that you should try while traveling:

1.Halal Discount App

If you’re traveling to thew UK, make sure to download the Halal Foods App which lets you customize search filters to look for places where you can buy halal food. Best part? You gewt more discounts with usage.
Available on: iOS and Android
Website: We eat halal

halal discount app

2.Scan Halal

This barcode-scanning app will let you know whether the edible product you’re getting is halal or not.
Available on: iOS and Android.
Website: Scan Halal

scan halal

3.Halal Trip

This app will let you find Halal-friendly hotels and restaurants around the world. One cool feature is the halal travel package plans. Make sure to check it out when you’re planning a trip.
Available on: iOS and Android
Website: Halal trip

halal trip

4.Best of Halal

Best of Halal has great reviews and halal food locations for cities like Bangkok, Sydney, Hong Kong and Chicago. Details contain whether owner and chef are Muslim.
Available on: Android
Website: Best of halal


5. Zabihah

Launched in 1998, Zabihah is the perfect guide to finding halal restaurants and eateries in your travel location.
Available on: iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.
Website: Zabihah


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