Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Amused’s Sustainable Way of Selling

Amused’s Sustainable Way of Selling

We are surely amused by their services!

The Saudi-British couple, Sara and Mansoor Banaja are bringing to Saudi a better way to buy luxury and high-end products. With Amused, people are bringing luxurious vintage and new items to their homes from Chanel and Gucci to Hermes and YSL via e-commerce.

“Amused is a platform which connects buyers and sellers of pre-owned, authenticated luxury here in Saudi Arabia.”Sara Banaja



A background trip to the story of Amused.

It all began when one day Sara decided to sell her luxury possessions online, and this was when she realized the immense market in selling second-hand products.

Sara Banaja and her co-founder/husband Mansoor Banaja then took it to a higher scale creating their very own business, Amused.


Guess what! 

With Amused, you are gaining many positives including:


Authentication Guaranteed

“We realized after speaking to our customers that there are points of friction. The first point was how can we prove that all the items we sell are actually authentic and the second one is they always ask if we are an actual business.”Mansoor Banaja

To solve these questions, Amused has found an innovative way to authenticate the items, they have found a company that offers authentication through pictures using AI technology giving a 99% accuracy and warranty with a 1-year full refund guarantee.


A roundup of their products

We were lucky enough to be given a sneak peek of Amused’s upcoming collection!


Their latest release consists of the following items: 


Some brands they offer: 


As Sara said, “We have hundreds of active customers and close to a thousand items listed all on our website.” So make sure to stop by their website to get your very own item from handbags, accessories, to more!

Instagram: amusedco 


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