Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Amina’s Hidden Beauty

Amina’s Hidden Beauty
By Donya M. (The Purple Bow Tie) 
We sat down and picked the brain of Bahraini designer Amina Al Abbasi about her work and impressive collections.

Who Is Amina Al Abbasi?
I’m a Bahraini artist and a lifestyle designer.

How did your brand start?
The key moment was a local art market called Market 338; I sold all of my artwork on the first day! It was at that point I realized there was something special to what I was doing.

What made you turn your paintings into fashion pieces?
I wanted to build up my brand awareness so I started printing my artwork on smartphone covers, because who doesn’t have a smartphone? It was a marketing strategy that I used to direct people towards my artwork. I started with 20 pieces and now have more than 8,000 people walking around with my artwork in the palm of their hands.

This step gave me a lot of exposure and encouraged me to start different product lines. I started creating cushions, handbags, passport covers and more. We currently have 10 product lines solely for fashion accessories that are being sold at Amina Gallery and in all GCC countries, as well as in Harrods, London.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration is everything around me. It is the hidden beauty. It is women’s strength and positivity.

What does your collection include?
Amina Gallery carries a collection of 25 product lines, ranging from fashion accessories to home décor. We’ve got shell and plexi clutches for SR 500 and SR 750 respectively, pouches (small ones for SR 350 and large ones for SR 400), totes (small for SR 600 and large for SR 750), wallets (SR 400) and a wide range of paintings that go anywhere between SR 6,000 and SR 20,000.

Who is the Amina Al Abbasi customer?
Someone who is looking for a unique product with rich meaning.

You recently revamped the Rice Bowl restaurant interior in City Centre. What was your inspiration behind it?
I was looking to create a mix of traditional concepts presented in a contemporary way, which is exactly what the restaurant was looking for.

Describe your brand using one word.

What’s next for you this year?
I am looking to experience the art scene in Europe with my art.


Trend for Spring/Summer 2016
Flat Lace-ups

Alia Al Farsi, Oman

Wardrobe Must-Have
A pair of white pants

High Street Brand

Shopping Website

Location (Bahrain): Amina Gallery in Seef Mall / Bahrain Museum.
Location (KSA): Maison Bo M Galleries in Jeddah and Riyadh / Desert Designs in Khobar 
Instagram: aminaalabbasi




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