Ameenah’s Iconic Oud House Now in Riyadh’s Financial District

Ameenah's Oud Collection

Well-known for its exquisite fragrances and mastery in the realm of Oud, AMEENAH – The Legendary House of Oud, finally made its much awaited arrival in Riyadh’s iconic King Abdullah Financial District.

Originating in Thailand back in 1982, AMEENAH has earned widespread acclaim for its mastery of Oud. Merging ancient craftsmanship with contemporary design while upholding traditional artisanal skills, AMEENAH presents a new pinnacle of oriental luxury to the world. The newly unveiled store, launched in August 2023, extends the reach of its exclusive and unique fragrances to the streets of the Kingdom’s capital.

The Riyadh store boasts three distinguished collections of AMEENAH’s signature Oud oil, well crafted fragrance assortments, and the Royal Porcelain Incense Collection, alongside an array of gifting options. These choices and the various additional options they have are perfect for any kind of occasion.

The Classic Collection, originally conceived by the company’s founder, Mrs. Ameenah herself, remains an adored cornerstone of the House. These captivating pure Oud oils span from delicate and nuanced to bold and remarkably vibrant. The Riyadh store also showcases the outcome of dedicated work and far-reaching exploration, embodied in the amazing Exclusive Collection.

AMEENAH Riyadh also features captivating fragrances in the Oriental, Imperial, and Journey Collections. Developed in collaboration with leading perfumers, these fragrances are elevated by the top notch quality of Ameenah Oud.

The Imperial Collection draws inspiration from historical civilizations, paying homage to the pivotal role of Oud in their rituals and ceremonies, modernizing them for contemporary tastes. The Oriental Collection focuses on unique ideas, flavors, and imagery of the mystical Orient. 

With unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability, AMEENAH has garnered the trust and admiration of discerning patrons worldwide. This includes members of the Saudi, UAE, and Qatari Royal Families, as well as members from Kuwait, Oman, and Dubai. 

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