Amateur to Professional: Using the Right Makeup Tools

“Makeup is meant to magnify existing beauty.”

There are skeptics who don’t believe in using makeup tools. After all, two fingers can help you apply foundation just as effectively as any brush can. Then came the Beauty Blender and scores of other brushes that we eventually started giving a chance. After a recent meeting with a highly talented and popular makeup artist in Toronto, I have reaffirmed that these makeup application tools are must-haves.


MAC’s Masterclass Oval 6 Brush: This brush is all you need for flawless foundation application. To all makeup users, it is ideal for cream foundations; this brush can also be used for liquid foundations. Tap the head of the brush onto the cream foundation and glide it on the face in a downward motion to create the perfect base.


Eyeshadow Brush: MAC and Sigma’s E55 is your best option when it comes to finding effective and easy-to-use eye shading brushes. Blending doesn’t seem like a chore if the brush is good and easy to use.


Eyelash Curler: Taking just a few seconds, such a simple step can accentuate your eyes. This works wonders on light eyelashes, and mascara application will further bring out your eye color.


Angled Brow Brush: Sigma Beauty’s angled brow brush in E75 is one of the most popular brow brushes out there. It fills up any gaps and helps create the perfect arch. It can be used with powder or gel products.


Beauty Blender: This small, hugely popular sponge helps you apply foundation for sheer coverage or buildable full coverage. Sephora came out with their own version, which is actually cheaper.


Fan Brush: Fan brushes are excellent for a sheer touch of blush or bronzer. They help create a softer look instead of the chiseled one. This brush is also good for applying powder foundations or shimmers.


Cotton Swabs: Essential for last minute cleaning around the eyes or lips when your makeup runs or smudges. Use to perfect your makeup or simply to clean any excess.

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