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Raffles Design Institute recently launched its new Advanced Diploma program in Interior Design which is currently accredited not only by the Raffles University System based in Singapore but also by the Technical Vocational and Training Corporation (TVTC) in Saudi Arabia.

The new Interior Design program shares characteristics similar to what is offered in all the other available majors at the Institute (Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Jewellery Design, and Visual Communication Design): it is an extremely diverse curriculum that trains students in both essential practical skills such free-hand drawing techniques and use of professional design software (AutoCAD, Revit, and 3DMax) and in applying theoretical knowledge in fields including but not limited to budgeting, academic research, design history, and interior materials. Within all majors, the perfect balance is struck between practical and theoretical work so as to ensure that graduates are designers of the highest standard.

Raffles Design Institute, Riyadh is one of twenty-two internationally standardized colleges and universities that operate across twelve countries under the supervision of the Raffles Education Cooperation (REC). With this education network, graduates from any of these twenty-two institutions are able to follow the flexible inter-school transfer scheme that allows them to continue their education at select international campuses.

Up until the end of last year, graduates from the Raffles campus in Riyadh were obliged to travel to an international Raffles campus for one additional year of study to expand their Advanced Diplomas into respective Bachelor Degrees. By the start of 2019, the choices offered to graduates have expanded; a new affiliation agreement with the REC-owned Raffles University Iskandar (RUI) has made it possible for students to achieve an internationally recognized Bachelor’s Degree in Riyadh. For graduates who wish to explore new alternatives and experience living abroad, an articulation agreement with SAE Institute in Dubai means that they can now achieve their Bachelor’s Degree by studying in the UAE for one additional year.

Throughout the years, Raffles has proven its commitment towards expanding available options for students both academically and professionally through continually forging connections with important players in the design field, and looks forward towards even greater successes in the future.


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