Alchemist Celebrates 25 Years

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Make The Alchemist your go to book in summer!

Summer is around the corner and what better way to enjoy it than to read your heart out under a sunny steamy weather with a cup of lemonade iced tea on the corner of your table. The Alchemist written by the literary sensation Paolo Coelho is celebrating its 25the year anniversary.

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The Alchemist is considered to be an inspirational book that has transformed the lives of countless readers across the world. The novel motivates the reader to reach for there desired goal without giving up hope. Celebrities like Will smith, Pharrell Williams, Madonna and many others have talked about how it touched them emotionally and spiritually.

The book has a variety of inspirational quotes within a tale of a young man searching for his personal treasure that he dreamt of. The book weaves in many of life’s struggles and pivotal moments, such as finding your purpose in life, the courage to follow your dreams, love and relationships, your personal power, living in the present moment and trusting God’s path for you.

The Alchemist continues to grow in popularity, and it’s often considered Coelho’s most influential work of fiction. Read the book and share what your learned with your friends.

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