Alaa Abanomi – Hatha Yoga Teacher

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Alaa Abanomi has always been intriguing. She’s a therapeutic hatha yoga teacher, wellbeing enthusiast and part of the Sukoun family, the city’s newest health studio.

How did you get into yoga?

I got into yoga lightly when I was studying university in the US around 2003. I became an avid practitioner when I was pregnant with my first child in 2006. I went in for the stretch and strength and came out with a lot more. I decided to continue my education in the healing art and science of yoga from then on.

What is yoga therapy about?

Yoga therapy aims to integrate traditional yoga methods and techniques with conventional Western medical treatments. Many different approaches to yoga therapy exist, but all share the fundamental understanding that integration of the mind, body, and spirit are essential to healing. For this reason, yoga therapy encompasses not only how we move our body and the postures we do on our mats, but also, and of equal importance, is how we live and treat ourselves and others, off the mat.

It aims to re-align the body both structurally and energetically, restore balance to the autonomic nervous system, deepen and regulate the breath, massage the internal organs, stretch the muscles, open the joints and the heart, and quiet the endless chatter of the mind.

Having said that, it’s not a magic pill that fixes everything, but it will surely give you some great tools to manage any pain or difficulties in your life.

Who would you recommend yoga therapy for?

I would recommend yoga therapy for those who need special attention (i.e. those with injuries, glandular issues, back or joint pain, those suffering with chronic stress, depression or anxiety). It is also very helpful for those who want to go deeper in their yoga practice.

What do you think is the biggest hurdle for Riyadhis when it comes to being healthy?

To be honest, the biggest hurdle people complain about is ‘time’, when in reality it’s not true at all. Practicing these two actually ‘gives’ you time, clarity and focus that would enable you to live your life more effectively and efficiently. The other things are technology and social pressure. But I see this changing as there is a huge shift in awareness and people are becoming more conscious of their health and well-being and allocating more weight to them in their daily lives.

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