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Against The Sands

Sands Studio is a female fitness boutique in Riyadh that offers training and diverse itineraries designed to inspire your local wanderlust.

Can you tell us a little bit about Sands?
Sand Studio is a female fitness boutique in Riyadh that is a result of years of the learning experience and passion for fitness, sports, and events. We are a team of highly qualified academic trainers and creatives with different backgrounds and training styles to offer diversity in the most professional way and to ensure that each person who enters our premises leaves feeling happier, confident, and healthier.

adrenaline3-copyWhat prompted you to set up an adventuring group along with the gym?
Our goal is to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle, and we believe that it takes more than just training your body to achieve that. Keeping this in mind, Sands Studio has been active in activities like hiking since 2019 and has proven to provide the best experiences.

3b1a6584-copyWhat is Sands Season?
It is a 4-month season that started in November and ends in February that is filled with amazing activities, and journeys, that involve taking on a new adventure every week, which pushes us past our comfort zone. Sands Season will be the largest activity yet and we ensure to take our members through a journey that will forever be remembered.

adrenaline2-copyWhich are the signature trips that Sands markets? Why should everyone consider this as a must-do?
We are popular for always bringing something new and different to the table during every hike.

We always step out of the box and explore new ways of a creative new adventure and focus on making our hikes tailored to all individuals.

0e7a8754-copyWhat advice would you give would-be women adventurers?
We always advise our clients to step out of their comfort zone and explore new activities and test their limits, because we believe that there is always something amazing beyond that comfort zone. Our trips are mainly female based so this gives room to our female adventurists to be their own individual selves during the activities and focus on getting the best experience.

Instagram: sands.riyadh

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