Aces of Arts

Artists in the kingdom have revolutionized the art scene with creative and innovative ideas. These artists are true aces bringing recognition to the local potential  while also winning global and national accolades.

img_2652Nasser Almulhim

Nasser Almulhim was born in Riyadh in 1988 and is a studio artist. Nasser has a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the University of West Florida. Since graduating, Nasser has been creating work representing his imagination from within, which he applies to two-dimensional imagery. Using various methods to create the artwork that he refers to as “the gate to self-healing.” One of the central themes in his work is the power of spirituality and how colors represent healing methods to express one’s inner emotional chaos. He will be displaying his work titled Gazing into the magical universe  at the upcoming 21’39 Jeddah Art organized by the Saudi Art Council.

Instagram: nasajm

img_1532Alia Ahmed

Alia Ahmad focuses on drawing, but she employs various mediums to tell narratives about how memory, location, and landscape converge in written and visual notions. Aspects from her childhood inspired her color palette, like the industrial and desert landscape. The vast majority of her works depict serene dreamscapes with linear representations of the Saudi landscape. She has showcased her work in various exhibitions in London, and in 2021 will be displaying her work in Saudi Art Councils 21’39.

Instagram: alia.ahmd_

rumi3Lulwah Al Homoud – National Cultural Awards Winner

Lulwah Al Homoud is an award-winning artist who has a Master’s degree from Central Saint Martins in London. Her works are a part of international collections in London, Munich, South Korea, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles. At the 2021 Noor Riyadh light festival, she displayed her beautiful creation titled The Infinite blue, where her mystic blue-colored artwork changed its hue depending on rays of the sun, showing that the earth is turning around to face the sun again.

Instagram: lulwah_al_homoud

earthseed-installation-view-1Ayman Zedani

Through his art,  Ayman Zedani conceptually aims to understand the relationships between two contrasting elements: organic and inorganic, land and water, and more. He is a multifaceted artist who has displayed his art globally, notably in Buenos Aires, Washington, and Sharjah, to name a few. His latest work was a multi-channel video installation titled Earthseed at the 2021 Noor Riyadh festival, which gained national recognition for its innovative portrayal of the relationship between humans and nonhumans regarding the planet’s future.

Instagram: zedani

a41i6822-editedDana Awartani – National Cultural Awards Winner

Dana Awartani is a conceptual artist who utilizes many mediums such as performances, intricate manuscript illumination, embroidery, ceramics, and more. Drawing  inspiration from Arabic poetry, culture, and heritage her artistic style stems from the creation of her own pigments, which ultimately reinforces her ideas. She is currently completing her ‘Ijaza’ certificate to further her commitment and practice to preserve the Islamic Illuminations skills. She will be  displaying her latest work at the upcoming 21’39 Jeddah Art exhibition organized by the Saudi Art Council.

Instagram: danaawartani_art

studionasseralsalem-12751544_126151074442783_381579047_nNasser Alsalem

Nasser Alsalem is a traditionally trained calligrapher specializing in the Arabic written word, and he also possesses an Ijaza, the ultimate certification for an Islamic calligrapher. Developing the traditional artform with mixed media, he expands upon calligraphy’s conceptual potential, melding classic art with modern techniques to create stunning artwork that incorporates different tools like light. His artwork in Noor Riyadh entitled God Is Alive, He Shall Not Die gave audiences a more spiritual and devotional experience.

Instagram: NasserAlsalem

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