A Sharper & Better You With King C. Gillette

Own your beard and master your grooming necessities.

It’s all about the first shave. Many have vivid recollections of baba or their grandfathers teaching them how to shave. Whether that be memories of lathering shaving cream and smoothly gliding the blade across their face or trimming their beard for the first time, these moments have shaped men’s shaving regimens for years.

As grooming trends have evolved over the years from clean-shaven and a well-defined goatee to a groomed beard or a masculine signature mustache, Gillette has always been there offering men the tools they need to master their look and style.gillette_kcg_full_range_modular_flatlay_v2-2-copy

Harnessing over 115 years of expertise, the pioneer in grooming has introduced a new brand exclusively designed for men with facial hair. The brand is named after the founder of fine grooming King C. Gillette and is the first brand in the region to offer men a one-stop shop for all beard and skincare tools to master any facial hairstyle.

King C. Gillette presents the ultimate at-home grooming experience. The brand offers an array of beard and facial care products that redefine how men own their beards and enable them to Shave and Edge, Trim, and Care for their facial hair and skin, making men look, feel, and smell their best.  As the weather in Saudi diversifies from humid and hot to arid with little to no moisture, it can easily provoke dry skin or other sensitivities.05-dispensing-beard-oil-to-palm-with-dropper_retouched-copy

The key is finding products that add hydration to your skin. The new beard care collection offers a beard balm, oil, and a beard and face wash to keep men feeling well-moisturized and fresh. We can now say goodbye to coarse beard hair and dry, itchy skin for good with the softening King C. Gillette Beard Oil and the Beard Balm, which can be used as a leave-in conditioner or a wash-off mask.

Both are created with traditional hair conditioning technology and natural ingredients, like shea and cocoa butter and avocado, argan, sweet almond, and grapeseed oils. Also, to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil from your beard and nourish the dry skin underneath it use King C. Gillette’s gentle and effective beard and face wash. This is infused with coconut water and will surely leave you feeling fresh and clean.03-changing-comb_rertouched-copy

All these products feature the King C. Gillette signature scent, which has been developed by the brand’s perfume specialists in close collaboration with an international fragrance house and trend experts. The signature scent mixes notes of cardamom, ginger, lavender, bourbon oil, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Now, for hardcore grooming, King C. Gillette has put together a range of shaving accessories into a premium kit that gives you the ideal portable or at-home barbershop experience, minus the hassle. A product for every face, style, and beard. For those who have long or short beards, the trimmer is the perfect shaving tool. Sculpt and style your facial hair to perfection with the King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer, powered by Braun technology. You can choose from three combs and 11 different length settings for all your beard trimming needs. If you are one for precision, then King C. Gillette has you covered.01-pumping-beard-wash-to-palm_retouched-copy

Firstly, we all know that every shave needs a gel and the brand’s clear non-foaming shaving gel, infused with white tea and argan oil will facilitate your beard definition process while protecting your skin.

Enjoy a comfortable and incredibly close shave that makes a well-groomed beard or a statement mustache really stand out with Shave & Edging Razor and the Double Edge Safety Razor. You can even kiss shaving rashes and razor burns on your neck goodbye as King C. Gillette designed a specialized Neck Razor for sensitive skin.

Pamper yourself and enjoy an indulgent sensory grooming experience at affordable prices, right from the comfort of your home. The King C. Gillette collection is available across leading supermarkets in Saudi Arabia.

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