A Guide San In Tokyo

By Fatema Amr

Take a stroll through Tokyo with local scout, Tofy Amr.

Jeddah export, Fatema Amr grew up with a keen interest in the Japanese language, culture, and style. She went to  study in Japan and graduated in 2016 with a degree in Biotechnology.  Fatema currently works in marketing, international sales and tourism.

Fatema shows her life in Japan through her Instagram account, TofyAmr and also through her YouTube channel called, “It’s Tofy”. She is an
avid photographer.


This is a sweet couple from Hong Kong, I met them in Asakusa for the first time. They wanted me to walk them around Asakusa and introduce them to one of the most famous historical places in Tokyo, Photoshoot them and let them explore the Japanese way of praying.

They wanted to live the full Japanese experience of wearing the Kimono, eating the traditional food that are served in the temple areas, and praying for luck and success.


Summer is the season of festivals and celebrations. Watching the locals dance, sing, and play together brings me a lot of joy. My favorite part of it all is always the food, drums, and Yukata.22581885_1744630682508275_7227050050600304640_n


Japanese food is simply amazing and most people would immediately think sushi and ramen. You don’t need to go for fancy places to enjoy a good meal, the small eateries and dens seldom disappoint. Japan is also known for making delectable desserts that are colorful, vibrant, and Instagram-worthy.


Whenever it’s winter or autumn, I would travel for 2 hours by train from my home to this warm and cozy cottage in Yamanashi, located near to the Kawaguchi Lake . It has a lovely breathtaking view of Mountain Fuji, the highest peak in Japan, which I climbed in 2014.

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