Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

A Glass for the Summer

A Glass for the Summer

A cool tale of crafty mocktails.

An icy glass with condensation dripping on the side… There is no prettier sight in the middle of a sweltering summer day. So here are some of our favorite places to have a sip or two to keep you cool.

MixedPerfect Summer Fix’s




Offering a Greek experience this summer, sip from Meraki’s extensive drink menu; their most popular drink is the Medusa, a combination of Botan juniper, and blackberry lemon dusted with berries.
Instagram: merakiriyadh

download-4DOMO ARIGATO

When in Myazu, try their flow collection of beverages that do well on their own but just as nicely pair their contemporary Japanese dishes. Our favorites are the Hachimitsu which is sour, Japanese lemon mint with hints of Yuzu, and the Hinohana, which is sweet and light.
Instagram: myazusaudi

download_1TASTE OF ITALY
Annabella Saudi

Anabella has a reputation for its scrumptious dishes. Still, their drink menu is no less with fruity creations that are bound to delight. Especially their Passion fruit daiquiri and their classic ginger beer which is a crowd favorite and the absolute summer classic.
Instagram: annabellaksa

download_2FLOAT AWAY
La Gondola

Inspired by the waterways of Venice, the La Gondola offers a wide range of cooling mocktails to choose from. Try memorable flavors like the strawberry punch, pina colada, and more.
Instagram: lagondolaksa

download-3_1_1ASIAN DELIGHTS

Yauatcha knows what’s what when it comes to their mixology; inspired by heritage, Try their Mandarin and chili, known for its mint and lemongrass notes, and a herbal mix that combines basil leaves, lemon, green apple, and rose.
Instagram: yauatchariyadh


With a signature drink menu, Pattis France offers a combination of sweet and sour mixes that emulate the refreshment, especially their Sunny Miami and Summer break, a combination of peach, pineapple, and strawberries.
Instagram: pattis


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