9 Things You Need To Know About Snoring

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By Fatmah Azam Ali

According to some reports almost 45 percent of adults snore in their sleep. Snoring happens when the tissues vibrate due to turbulent airflow in your sleep.

While there are many biological reasons as to why snoring takes place, it is definitely interesting to know how we can stop snoring in our sleep.

1. Weight Issues


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Try losing a couple of pounds to see if your snores are reduced as extra weight around the throat may make you snore.

2. Nasal Strips

Photo Credit: breatheright.com

Photo Credit: breatheright.com

People tend to snore if their noses are blocked. Try using the nasal strips to solve the snoring issue.

3. Remove Allergens

If you are allergic and are on sedatives that can be just the root problem you were looking for to get rid of your snoring.

4. Lack Of Sleep


If you weren’t having any proper sleep lately, all that snoring is due to lack of sleep.

5. Dehydration

Photo Credit: medecinenet.com

Photo Credit: medecinenet.com

This can also be one of the reasons as to why you snore. The stickier the nose secretions become due to dehydration, the more you snore.

6. Seeking Medical Help

Photo Credit: linkedin.com

Photo Credit: linkedin.com

If you have tried everything above and notice that everything is OK and yet you are snoring, you should seek medical help immediately where the doctors will check you for the obstructive sleep apnea, a serious medical condition that requires treatment.

7. Limit Daytime Napping

Napping is a must for some people, but sometimes you get more than you need. You should nap light and not go into deep REM sleep, and limit it to 20-30 minutes and in the afternoon. Otherwise, over-napping can make you feel groggy and tired.

8. Sleep When Tired

Photo Credit: examinedexistence.com

Photo Credit: examinedexistence.com

Sometimes we can force ourselves to bed and we get stressed over not sleeping to the point where we can’t sleep. Harvard Medical states that if you’re not asleep after 20 minutes, get up and do something relaxing like reading until you feel tired. Constantly checking the clock could also induce more stress.

9. Sounds

Photo Credit: youtube.com

Photo Credit: youtube.com

The soothing sound of the A/C is an actual reason for better sleep, that’s why white-noise generators are made. Having a consistent sound masks all the other small sounds that could make someone alert.

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