8 Ways To Fight Common Allergies

Atchoo! Are you always reaching for a tissue for your excessive sneezing or dripping nose? Are you constantly clearing your throat, coughing, or having trouble breathing?

Chances are your body is reacting to allergens in your environment. Pollution, daily exposure to chemicals/toxins in the environment, and seasonal allergens can all contribute to your nasal misery. Don’t worry you can alleviate your symptoms without resorting to conventional drugs or allergy medicine.

1. Encase your mattress in plastic. 

This helps keep dust mites away from your lungs.

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2. Eliminate unnecessary indoor carpeting. 

Try sticking to stone/tile floors instead.

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3. Use green cleaning products. 

This helps in cutting down chemical exposure.

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4. Vacuum frequently instead of dusting. 

This will remove dust mites instead of redistributing them.

5. Limit exposure to animals, flowers and known allergens/irritants. 

It may be a bit hard but you’ll have to try to limit your exposure to your pet and perfume.

Photo Credit: patch.com

Photo Credit: patch.com

6. Use a saline nasal spray or ‘neti pot’. 

It removes allergens from your nasal passages.

7. Use honey on a daily basis. 

Back it up by consuming lots of raw fruit/vegetables.

Photo Credit: Madeforpakistan.com

Photo Credit: Madeforpakistan.com

8. Consider acupuncture or allergy shots.

This will help in desensitizing your system.

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