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8 Simple Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

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By Anousha Vakani

Summer is almost here and most of us are already dreading the heat but as tempting as it is to spend all summer indoors under the air conditioner, there’s no reason to let the heat get the best of you.

Save yourself from turning into a couch potato by following these simple tips to beating the heat.

1. Use sunscreen

The sun can have a very negative impact on your skin, causing premature aging, skin discoloration and cancer and other types of skin damage. Make sure you’re using sunscreen every time you step out of the house.

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2. Facial spritz

As soon as the heat starts bothering you, give yourself a spritz of cool water. Try Body Shop’s Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz which will keep your skin from getting oily while keeping it hydrated, or simply make your own spritz with a mixture of plain and rosewater.

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3. Stay away from darker colors

Dark colors, especially black, absorb more heat. So if you want to stay as comfortable as possible outdoors try to wear lighter colors. Many summer abaya collections are available in lighter blues and grays, and there’s no way you’ll regret adding this to your summer shopping list.

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4. Have food and drinks that will help lower your body temperature

Chrysanthemum tea, coconut water and cold milk, for example, are drinks that lower your body temperature while fruits and greens such as watermelons, cucumbers, mint and pomegranate work in the same way.

5. Keep an ice pack or ice-cold water bottle in hand

Simply apply the ice on your neck, wrists, ankles and wherever the heat is bothering you, to quickly bring you back to a comfortable body temperature.

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6. Take frequent cool showers

This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to staying calm on red-hot days. Jump into a shower after you’ve been outdoors to help cool down.

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7. Stay hydrated

The most important point is to drink lots of water throughout the day, whether you’re outdoors or indoors, water will keep maintain your body temperature and blood circulation so you’re less prone to heat fatigue.

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8. Keep the lights off for as long as possible

Keeping the lights off will help keep the house cooler for longer so you’re not instantly irritated the minute you enter the house after being outside.


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