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The Importance of Early Detection and Where to Get it Checked in Jeddah

The Importance of Early Detection and Where to Get it Checked in Jeddah

As with different cancer types, it is important to know that an early detection for breast cancer in its first stages significantly improves the chances of a successful and healthy outcome, with an ease in any potential treatment.

One of the most effective methods for early detection is to undergo annual mammograms from the age of 40. 

Early detection practices include monthly breast self-examinations, as well as regularly scheduled clinical breast examinations and mammograms. There are a number of different early detection and treatment methods, which are mentioned below.  


The different screening methods:


Mammography, a specialized imaging procedure, involves taking two chest projections to detect breast cancer. This method provides the radiologist with the necessary images for examination. 


Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) serves several purposes, including local staging of certain breast tumors before surgery, additional screening for high-risk populations, problem-solving alongside mammography and ultrasound, detecting hidden breast tumors, assessing the effectiveness of preoperative chemotherapy, and diagnosing issues related to silicone breast implants.


Breast cancer screening biopsies in Riyadh encompass three main types:

Needle Biopsy: Preferred over surgical biopsies for higher accuracy and to avoid unnecessary surgery. Needle biopsies provide reliable results, often guided by imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, or ultrasound

By-pass Biopsy: Utilized to examine microscopic lumps, microcalcifications, and distortions visible on mammograms but not yet detectable by ultrasound.


Ideal candidates for screenings: 

Women aged 40 and above: As the risk of breast cancer increases with age, routine screenings are crucial for women in this age group.

Women at elevated risk: Those with a family history of breast cancer or specific genetic mutations like BRCA1 or BRCA2 should consider regular screenings

Prior breast cancer diagnosis: Women who have previously battled breast cancer should continue with regular checkups to monitor for recurrence or any new signs of the disease.


In addition, we at Destination picked out the top 5 hospitals in Jeddah that have breast cancer screenings that make sure to undergo the procedures with ease. 

Top 5 Hospitals For Screening in Jeddah

Dr. Samir Abbas Hospital 

Location: Al Kurnaysh Br. Rd., Al Shati Dist. 


Contact: +966-920012525


Zahra Association 

Location: Al Faisaliyyah St., Serafi Mega Mall, 3rd Floor


Contact: +966-122840425


Saudi German Hospital 

Location: 4 Batterjee Road، Al-Zahra Dist.


Contact: +966-920007997


Fakeeh University Hospital 

Location: Falasteen St., Al-Hamra’a Dist.


Contact: +966-920012777


International Medical Center 

Location: Al Ruwais, Noor Al-Hada Dist.

Contact: +966-920027778



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