6 Saving Tips To Stick With While In Saudi

By Reem Assad

1- Save your small bills
The monetary impact of collecting Riyal over Royal may seem useless, but this is a warm-up step in the entire saving journey.

2- Save and spend equally
Set aside an amount equal to whatever is spent on nonessential indulgences. Put an equal amount in a cute box for expenditures on a Godiva bar, designer coffee, etc.

3- Avoid interest
When using your credit card, try to pay off the full balance before the end of the billing cycle. By no means make the “minimum payment” because that’s when your interest is highest.

4- Impulse shopping a big no!
Never purchase expensive items on impulse. Think over each expensive purchase for at least 24 hours. Chances are you will have no regrets.

5- Use Debit card, not cash
It simply allows you to track your spending. The statement layout helps you determine why you actually made a purchase and if you need to repeat it in the future.

6- Keep track of your spending. Use online banking
If you’re like me with no patience for bank visits and long lines, then bank online, or use mobile banking. And technology doesn’t stop there. If you find mobile statements too dull, download a budgeting app like: Pocket Expense Personal Finance – Mint – Wallet


These are general tips for your daily financial habits. When it comes to saving on travel, health, shopping and even education the list is long. My sincere advice is to get in the mindset of refining your financial habits and the rest of your financial skills will develop gradually.

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Cover Photo Credit: aussiesaver.com.au

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