6 Jobs You Should Be Aiming For If You Are A Foodie

Photo Credit: boldsky.com

If you’re really serious about your love for food, then here are a few options to dive completely into a world of never-ending deliciousness!


Nutritionists promote a healthy lifestyle; they advise people on how to eat healthy but delicious food. If that’s your thing, join a diet center or hospital, or work individually through your own little clinic or even a blog!

Food Stylist

A food stylist makes food beautiful and more presentable. They work with photographers and producers to “dress up” the food that is being readied for an advertisement.



If you have an eye for business, a love for food but no culinary skills then setting up a restaurant may be your best option. Make your vision of the perfect restaurant a reality!


Food Writer/ Blog/ Critic

The easiest way to communicate your affinity with food is to write. The options are endless – become a professional food critic, write restaurant reviews and recipes for magazines and newspapers or set up your own blog!



If you have a combined love for food and teaching, why not educate people on the art of cooking? Many people set up cooking classes in their own homes for children and adults alike.



This is every foodie’s dream job: to be in charge of everything from the menu and ingredients to quality control. Most often chefs start with smaller kitchen jobs and work their way up to Executive Chef. All you need is persistence and determination.


Since you are reading this, we are pretty sure that you are a true blue foodie. So have you figured out what job the foodie inside you really wants?

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