5 Tips for Healthier Skin in Ramadan

By Arwa Al Mousa
This year, the holy month of Ramadan has come when summer is at its peak. So you need to pay extra attention to your skin as fasting will cause the body and skin to go through many changes.

Here are some few tips for you that will help keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing all through the holy month.

1- Wash your face.


It’s important that you wash your face with water based products that suit your skin type. Don’t wash your face more than twice a day and always wash with cold water or normal temperature water to avoid any dryness and irritation.

2- Keep your skin hydrated.


Dehydration is very common in Ramadan. In order to keep your skin hydrated, you need to drink the necessary amount of water during iftar and suhoor. You also need to moisturize your face more often than usual. Apply light wear moisturize during the day and for a fresh skin, keep a rose water bottle or spray in your refrigerator and spray it on your skin throughout the day. This will give your skin a nice glow and a really fresh feel.  For your lips, use sunscreen lip balms with ingredients such as shia butter, vitamin E and coconut oil. This will give your lips the hydration it needs.

3- Wear less makeup.


Try to avoid wearing makeup during Ramadan as this can cause or worsen clogged pores and dehydration. Apply only when it is very much needed. When wearing Makeup, try to switch to lightwear products. This means avoiding full coverage foundations and any other silicone-based products.

4- Use a proper sun block.


Always wear a sunblock even if you are not doing major outdoor activities and try to avoid being out in the sun during the peak hours (11AM-3PM). Apply sunblock 30-mins before going outside and re-apply every 4 hours.

5- Stay Away from stress.


Stress has a major effect on the health of our skin. When we are stressed, stress hormones such as cortisol is released into our bodies. Cortisol diminishes the skin’s ability to retain water leading to skin dryness, breakouts and premature lines. Stay calm and positive by practising stress relieve habits such as praying, meditating, and exercising.


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