5 Places for Eid Clothes in Sharqiya

To help you start preparing for Eid, we whipped out a list of five Instagram accounts you should definitely browse through for Eid outfit inspiration.

1. Hndlcollection

Collage Hndlcollection

This is perfect if you’re all about subtlety. With soft, flowy pastels Hndl Collection has a variety of simple yet elegant designs.

2. Dantel Collection

Collage Dantel Collection

This one’s all about the fun pops of color and intricate details. You can’t go wrong with Dantel Collection, whether you are attending a casual iftar or a formal Eid dinner.

3. Wrsmm

Collage wrsmm

They claim to be a girl’s best friend and they might just be right. With modern cuts and prints, pastels and pops of colors, these are a pleasure even to just browse. Don’t forget to check out their jewelry collection while you’re at it.

4. Mnazik

Collage mnazik_

Mnazik has a variety of refreshing designs – you’re sure to find a few you love.

5. Nora AlShaikh

Collage noraalshaikh_official

Extremely bold with modern twists to each outfit, this brand is only for the very brave.

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