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3rd Annual Talent and Diversity Leadership Forum in Riyadh

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Glowork has signed a partnership agreement with French business facilitation company Naseba group to co-host the 3rd Annual Talent & Diversity Leadership Forum, being held on the 13th-14th December 2015 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Forum is a unique HR platform that focuses on the key diversity and inclusion challenges currently facing HR professionals in the Kingdom. Up to 150 HR professionals will come together to discuss the latest strategies, listen to top industry speakers and learn the newest skills needed to tackle these challenges.

The topics discussed in the Forum directly address the changing landscape of the Saudi Arabian workforce. With two-thirds of the population under the age of 30, youth employment is a pressing challenge facing the Saudi Arabian Government.

Although employment opportunities available for women in the Kingdom have increased, they are still unable to keep up with the growing number of females graduating from universities each year. The Central Department of Statistics and Information found that 13% of Saudi women hold positions in the private and public sectors. This year there has been a greater increase in Government programs focused on increasing the amount of jobs available for women in both the private and the public sector.

Glowork is an organization focusing on facilitating the employment of Saudi Arabian women in the workforce. Founded in 2011, the young company founders recognized the growing importance of Saudi women in the workforce and created a platform to help in their employment. On signing the partnership for the Talent & Diversity Leadership Forum, Khalid Alkhudair, Glowork CEO stated “The Forum agenda, in particular the focus on women employment, directly corresponds to the core vision of our organization. We are therefore pleased to be co-hosting this year’s event with Naseba Group. Hopefully this platform will serve to promote diversity in the workforce and be the start of many future collaborations between our organizations.”

Sophie Le Ray, Naseba Group CEO, said “As diversity, gender equality and inclusion in the workplace are currently a global concern, the Forum aims to not only address these key challenges facing Saudi HR professionals but also provide new insights into the leadership strategies needed to overcome them. I am also delighted that this Forum raises the global profile of the many commendable diversity and inclusion initiatives in force in the Kingdom today.”

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