21,39 – Jeddah’s Much Loved Art Festival

Before we go on to say how excited we are about 21,39, let’s rewind and go through some of the basics of art…

What Is ‘21,39’?
‘21,39’ organized by the Saudi Art Council, is an annual event held in Jeddah presenting the narrative of art throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The debut edition highlights the history of the Kingdom’s modern and contemporary movements while encouraging public, private and institutional investments as well as support from Saudi artists through a diverse program and cross-cultural understanding.


What We Love About ’21,39’
“21,39” Jeddah Arts aims to facilitate sustainable local and international accessibility to Saudi Arabia’s flourishing art scene. The event gives people the opportunity to further explore and appreciate the culture of the city. It also promotes art and artists on a local and international level.


Did you know?

The term curator comes from the Latin word curare, meaning “take care.”
An art curator is someone who puts an art exhibition together. An art curator is responsible for selecting works of art, writing labels, cataloging essays and supporting other contents for the exhibition.

IMG_8867 Saudi Art Council – Promoters of Art and Culture
The Saudi Art Council is a group of individuals who seek to promote Saudi Arabia’s art and culture scene and is chaired by Princess Jawaher bint Majed.

 The council members include:

Aya Alireza, Sara Alireza, Sharifa Al-Sudairy, Nawwaf Al-Nassar, Basma Alsulaiman, Abdullah AlTurki, Nadia AlZuhair, Sara     Binladen, Eissa Bougary, Raneem Farsi, Mohammed Hafiz, Hamza Serafi, Hayat Shobokshi and Faisal Tamer.

21,39 started on Jan. 22nd 2015 and will continue till March 28th 2015

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