12 Apps To Help You Travel Around Saudi Arabia

With the proliferation of travel apps, traveling has become easier than ever before.

But it boils down to which ones do you actually need and which ones you can do without.

We at DR have prepared a consolidated list, presenting one app for each need. So say for example there are 5 amazing apps for maps, we will be presenting to you only one of those, which we think is the most relevant of all. As there are tens of alternatives for almost every app out there and we don’t want to baffle you with so many choices.

1. TomTom Middle East

optimized-top-travel-apps-tomtomThough pricey, this navigation app is like a guiding light while on a road trip in Saudi. Offering clear voice instructions it comes with 2D or 3D route views as well. The app consistently updates its maps for free. Plus, it supports multiple languages.

Price: $99.99
Platform: iOS

2. Uber

optimized-uberOffering taxi services in most major cities in Saudi, Uber is a major savior especially in cities where one is new. One click and the driver will be at your doorstep.

3. Muslim Pro

optimized-top-travel-apps-muslim-proQibla compass, Hijri calendar and prayer times all in one place is what Muslim Pro boasts of offering. You can even check what times shops will be closed based on the prayer times – a must for traveling in Saudi.

Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

4. AccuWeather

optimized-top-travel-apps-accuweatherPresenting weather reports from most locations across Saudi and beyond, stick to this handy app before you set off and while traveling. You don’t want rains and dust storms ruining your much needed travel break.

Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

5. Google Goggles

optimized-top-travel-apps-google-gogglesCame across a structure that you want to know more about? Just point your phone’s camera and Google Goggles will present relevant Wikipedia articles of the structure. However, don’t expect to find every tourist attraction in Saudi to pop up results.

Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

6. Onavo

optimized-top-travel-apps-onavoYou’ll truly thank us for this one, especially if you don’t have an unlimited internet package on your phone. The app somehow manages to decrease the amount of data required to do common tasks such as reading emails or posting on social media. Pretty useful if you end up crossing borders on your travels as it helps save on those hefty roaming charges.

7. FourSquare

optimized-top-travel-apps-foursquareThe location based app is pretty useful while exploring any given place. Just type in the name of the place you are at and look for user suggestions. So if you are trying out a new restaurant just type its name on the app and look for user suggestions on what to order.

Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

8. TravelSafe Pro

optimized-top-travel-apps-travel-safeContaining emergency numbers of most emergency services in Saudi, this one is truly a life-saver. It even comes with contact details of various consulates and embassies that are operating in the country. You can even calculate the tip you are to give at restaurants and the current exchange rate.

Price: $1.49
Platform: Android

9. Skyscanner

optimized-top-travel-apps-skyscannerYou can search for fare prices of domestic airlines such as Fly Nas and Saudi Airlines all in one place. It helps you with identifying the cheapest fare and travel dates to save you money.

Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

10. TripAdvisor

optimized-top-travel-apps-trip-advisorAnticipate unsympathetically frank reviews on restaurants, accommodations, tourist attractions and lots more on TripAdvisor. Upload your own reviews afterwards so that other travelers after you can benefit as well.

Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

11. Booking.com

optimized-top-travel-apps-bookingThe app version of the popular website is a boon for travelers. This is by far the best hotel booking app in Saudi Arabia today. Search for hotels nearby you, compare rates and reviews and make the payment. It’s as simple as that.

Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

12. Fly Akeed

optimized-top-travel-apps-fly-akeedThis Saudi-based app has amassed favorable reviews from users on the App and Play Store. It’s like an easy to use personal assistant on your travels, getting your arrangements and preferences all in one place with a single click.

So arm yourself with these technological marvels and you’ll find that your travel in Saudi is much easier than ever before. Bon voyage.


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