The Best Taxi Services In Riyadh


By Sahrish Ali

Since getting around town is always an issue (especially for women), we rounded up some of the most used transportation services available.


Uber is an internationally renowned service. However, you need to sign up with your credit card, as it doesn’t accept any other form of payment. It is definitely more expensive than other transportation services around. There’s always a water bottle in your ride. For long trips around and outside the city, they have fixed flat rates. There are two car options: low cost Uber X starts with a base rate of SR 6 and adds 0.50 per minute. Minimum fare is SR 12. Uber black is the original Uber, which starts its base rate at SR 9 with a minimum fare
of SR 20.

Payment: Credit

optimized-mondo-taxiMondo Taxi

If you don’t mind taking a taxi instead of riding in a private car, Mondo Taxi is the service to use. They screen their drivers and cars fairly well; so far we haven’t had to ride a beat up limousine from their fleet. Their GPS drop pin is quite accurate in the city, which means less hassle in needing to call the driver and giving the exact location. The prices can be metered or you can try your hand at negotiating. What makes Mondo Taxi a good option is their consistency in getting clean-cut drivers and cars as compared to other similar services. They do have fewer cars compared to the next one on the list, so it’s best to use when you have a few minutes of waiting time to spare.

Payment: Cash


Careem provides easy sign up and bookings with their app, which is available for download on all platforms. It’s very straightforward and easy to use. Once you sign up, they prompt you if you need to be picked up right at the moment or if you would like to book a ride for later. If you have chosen a drop-off location, the app shows you an estimate amount, of course depending on the type of car you have chosen.

Most of their cars are on time and the chauffeurs are very well mannered.

Payment: Cash or credit

optimized-taxi-pixiTaxi Pixi

Taxi Pixi uses the same concept as Careem. However, the app interface is a bit cluttered. They have two kinds of trips: one way or car rentals. Each kind of trip offers four different types of cars. Cars can also be rented for 4 hours, 8 hours or for a full day. Prices depend on your location but often start at above SR 18. They give you a receipt either by email or on your app itself after completing a trip. Cars are always clean and the drivers courteous.

Payment: Cash

optimized-easy-taxiEasy Taxi

If you don’t mind taking a taxi instead of riding in a private car, Easy Taxi is the service to use. We haven’t come across any other taxi services with such fast arriving cars. There’s always a 100 percent guarantee that a cab will reach you within minutes of requesting one. The taxis are mostly clean, however, not always.
At first they didn’t really have a dedicated system for fares: you could either negotiate the prices or go along with the meter system. Fare rate is around 5-10 riyals more than what you would pay a normal cab.

Payment: Cash or credit

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