11 Struggles Those Who Wear Thobes Will Relate To

Photo Credit: alibaba.com Photo Credit: alibaba.com

One of the things that a man living in Saudi could boast about is the thobe.

When worn properly it looks elegant and a sense of grandiose  comes with it.  However, the story doesn’t end here as there are many struggles those wearing it have to face on a daily basis.

We asked some men to tell us about some of the struggles that they face while wearing a thobe and here is what they had to say.

1.  It is hard to run in. Impossible in fact.

One has to tie the thobe around his waist to do so. But then even that gets loose and the running has to stop again.


2. It’s super hot with all the layers that we have to wear.

That is why going outside an AC area in the day is a big NO!

3. You cannot move freely with the shimagh on.


4. Keeping it clean is the hardest part.

One drop of food, ink, or dirt and the whole thing goes to the laundry or worse, to the trash.


5. Customizing the thobe is hard.

They all look the same and customization can go wrong very easily.


6. Side pockets consistently get stuck in door knobs.

That feeling of being pulled back when you wanna move forward.


7. The egal has to be adjusted while going for ruku’and sujood.


8. Putting it on and taking it off!

We are used to getting stuck in them by now.


9. Bending to pick up what you have dropped is difficult.


10. Lack of variety to show off on different occasions.

The colors have come in recently but still we have to stick to a basic few.



11. Putting the shumagh and egal on is a task on its own.


Whatever the struggles may be, thobe is the perfect piece of clothing for those in Saudi. It lets the air breeze through and allows you to eat as much as you want without having to worry about loosening your belt. Talking about food, it even helps in hiding weight that you may be putting on. If you can relate to this article tell us what are some of the struggles that you have faced in the comments below.