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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

11 Practical Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

11 Practical Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

“Smoking is indeed one of the biggest perils of modern day societies.” It may sound like a very big statement but even some chain smokers would agree to it.

It is not that smokers affect their health alone; they affect the health of those around them as well, by making them victim to passive smoking. With the environmental hazards caused by tobacco based products and the warning posters on the cigarette packs growing bigger by the day, it is about time that maybe we try to curb if not stop the addiction.

Let’s not go into why smoking is bad for you, as you’ve probably read about that plenty of times before, instead let’s focus on how to limit and eventually quit smoking habits completely.

1. Consider the amount you will save

A pack of branded cigarettes currently costs 10 SAR. So say if you smoke a pack a day that’s like 10 Riyals literally blown in thin air. While the sum may seem small, consider the amount for a yearly basis. The total amounts to 3600 Riyals. Just think about all the other useful things you could have invested it in or perhaps could’ve donated it to charity for the greater good.

2. Take one step at a time

You don’t have to quit smoking entirely in one day alone. You can bring your intake down gradually; from say 20 cigarettes a day to 19 and so on – eventually to nil.

3. Keep your intention of quitting smoking for the sake of Allah

Think about leaving such an addiction for the sake of Allah considering all the ill effects it has on the society in general and on you yourself. You won’t be able to comprehend the rewards for your sacrifice.

4. Alter your diet

A study carried out in the US has shown that eating cheese, fruits and vegetables made cigarettes taste terrible. While eating meats and drinking fizzy drinks nurtured your smoking habits.


6. Curb the craving session

Your body craves for cigarettes for about 5 minutes. Keep a plan to distract your mind during this particular time and the craving will decrease and you will develop a greater sense of self control over your addiction.

7. Exercise regularly

Studies have shown that regular exercise cuts cravings for cigarettes. It is also believed that exercise may even help your brain produce anti craving chemicals.

Source: Huffington Post

8. Make sure you are around nonsmokers as much as possible

When regular smokers are around you, one tends to develop ‘instant craving’ when someone offers you a cigarette or starts smoking himself/herself, forcing you in a way to take in a few puffs as well.

9. Get rid of the lighters at home

And other such things that foster your smoking habits such as ashtrays and bulk cigarette boxes. Over time you will realize that your consumption has dropped.

10. Inform those around you that you are quitting

So that when they catch you smoking next time, you can get a soft reminder of your plan to quit.


11. Prepare yourself for withdrawal symptoms

Due to the lack of nicotine that your body will receive as you decrease intake, there are certain withdrawal symptoms that one faces. These include nausea, anxiety, headaches, irritability and craving amongst others. But after a period of 2-3 weeks these symptoms ease out.

It is definitely not easy to get rid of an addiction, but it is also not impossible. It may have been your New Year resolution for quite a few years, but now is the time to finally adhere to it. As the saying goes “do today what you plan to do tomorrow, do now what you plan to do today.”


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