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10 Songs That Are 10 Years Old And Will Make You Feel Ancient

10 Songs That Are 10 Years Old And Will Make You Feel Ancient

You are going to feel really, really ancient. Prepare yourself to reminisce and feel the unavoidable goose-bumps.  

Whether you are working out or are attending a boring party or stuck in an awkward moment, songs have always been your escapade. 2017 started three months ago and we have been blessed with a lot of memorable songs to help us get through the day. In fact, they have replaced most of the songs from the yesteryears. Don’t worry, though, we are here to remind how ancient you have grown. Get ready to take a ride down the memory lane while listening to the songs you danced to, drove to or sang along with friends and tried to reenact.

Here are 10 songs from 2007 that are turning 10 this year:

1- Apologize – Timbaland ft. OneRepublic


Timbaland and OneRepublic’s song, ‘Apologize’ had made its way into everyone’s heart. Remember how it was majorly used for a reason opposite to the song? That is, to let someone know that their apology is not accepted anymore. *Goose-bumps*

2. Umbrella – Rihanna


Oh, you sure do remember dedicating this song to your best friend, during the 2007s, because… When the sun shines, we’ll shine together; told you I’d be here forever. The ultimate anthem for all kinds of friends! Before Bruno Mars’ You Can Count On Me, there was Rihanna’s Umbrella.

3. Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift was the queen of emotional songs 10 years back. And if you were going through a breakup and wanted something sloppy and relatable that could make you cry even if you didn’t want to, Teardrops On My Guitar was the song to play!

4. I Wanna Love You – Akon


You know this was a great song when you listen to it and end up smiling. Throwback to the time you and your sibling/friend used to sing this (or the dirty version *wink*) together in front of grownups, while dancing, just to annoy them. Akon had amazing songs! Wonder what he is up to these days.

5. Because of You – Ne-Yo


Haven’t we all considered Ne-Yo as the prince of R&B for our generation? He made you express your love so effortlessly. Conveying your feelings was as easy as a click away, with just a dedication of this song, your (or your loved one’s) day was made! When did they stop making such emotionally intimate songs?

6. Don’t Stop The Music – Rihanna


You already had a smile while reading the name of this song. The music just made us feel so alive. This song was definitely your party jam. You could feel the beats in every part of your body. And, while you sway/dance to the music, your mind silently pleads “Please Don’t Stop The Music” to the DJ.

7. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne


The Avril Lavigne phase of your life was the best, wasn’t it (directed to the girls)? Kohl, dark eyes, neon highlights, skirts, converse, her attitude; she was out fashion idol (and much more). This song though, was the one to dance to and dedicate to your crush… if you were that brave. Hahaha.

8. Say It Right – Nelly Furtado


Nelly was and is the prettiest lady ever, right? Say It Right was the song that could never get boring even if you had it on repeat all day. It definitely is the song that could make you go through 50 Shades of Nostalgia. (Pretty sure you’re gonna have it on loop after reading this article).

9. Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)? – Enrique Iglesias


Aren’t you already hearing the ping pong balls in your head? Enrique was and miraculously still remains the king of pop-love-songs. This song is so addictive and you’d never ‘not listen’ to this. Enrique Iglesias, Do You Know What It Feels Like to love you so much?

10. Destination Calabria – Alex Gaudino ft. Christal Waters

Tana Na Na, Ta Nana Na Na! Most of you just listened to the song just for the sake of listening to the trumpets go all Tana Na Na, (quit smiling in acceptance). To be honest, the Tana Na Na was so hard to forget. You were so obsessed with the tune that Tana Na Na was stuck in your mind for a while. Well, after reading this and listening to the song, you’re stuck with that annoyingly-addictive-yet-amazing-tune in your head again… Tana Na Na, Ta Nana Na Na

If that wasn’t enough, here are 10 songs from 1997 turning 20 this year:

Hang in there buddy, you’ve come a long way.

If you have a favorite song that you had, once upon a time, considered to be your jam and we haven’t mentioned it here, let us know by commenting below. Your favorite might help us readers reminisce, too!


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