10 Simple Steps to Freshen Up Your Playroom

By Hanin Al Oufi, Owner of Mint Designs Studio

A lay-down on how to make an easy-to-organize playroom.


The most important part of building a playroom, of course, is filling your kids play area with books and toys and learning equipment. However, before all of that keep in mind how you can keep the place organized and energizing.

Make your play room your favorite area in the house by using your kids’ creativity and imagination, and help create a space for their imagination to flow freely.


1-  Personalize chairs for their story time and tea party get together. It’ll double as an heirloom later on.

2- Play areas are also made for movement; a balancing bench is fun to have even for adults.

3-  Choose a neutral wall color like grey to complement the colorful pieces you’ll add in the play area.

4- Pick a rug full of graphics for the kids to interact with.

5- Create a wall system and a storage area that is easy and accessible for your kids to reach.

6- Create a small library with selective books on the side for story times.

7- Design a seating area with a table and chairs for your kids to enjoy their art and crafts projects.

8- Finish off the playroom with an interesting and colorful pendant. You can add more than one pendant for a fun and dramatic feeling.

9- Small storages are as important as the large ones; keep them on the table for the art and crafts equipment

10- Corkboards and chalkboards are always a great idea to display your kids’ artistic work on the wall. Reserve one wall to paint with chalkboard paint, which will allow the kids to design their own room.

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