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You've Been Using Hashtags Wrong Your Whole Life; 9 Rules To Stick By

You've Been Using Hashtags Wrong Your Whole Life; 9 Rules To Stick By
By Ibtisam Khalid


I am all for intense focus and keeping it simple, funny and unique. But times have changed, this unnecessary use of the # has gone too far

Please stop tagging a photo, status,comments, tweets with 10-20 unnecessary hashtags with your paragraph length text with it. People are getting annoyed , sometimes it looks like a confused person who has no idea what to tag, its not cool as what you think plus no one reads it and I am pretty sure its not worth it.

For example: On Instagram the hashtag #beautifulsunset allow users to find images that have been tagged as containing the sunset. NOT THE HASHTAG #beautiful#sun#set#yellow#orange#sky#6:45#living#the#moment OR #beautifulsunsetyellowandorangeskyat6:45pmandiamlivingthemoment. NO! NO! NO WAY ! How do people even think to tag like this ? Many people who do these mistakes they have to realize that this is a foolish act.

Like all good things,hashtags have been swiftly overused and destroyed by social media enthusiasts who don’t understand how to properly wield them. The Internet may not have rules, but it should at least try to learn some manners.

For the one’s who are making these hashtag mistakes every day, try to make another mistake by trying new things. Here are 9 rules to stick by if you want to be a Good Hashtag User:

1. optimized-not-just-a-brand-name

2. optimized-make-it-memorable

3. optimized-should-make-sense

4. optimized-be-consistent

5. optimized-make-it-relevant

6. optimized-research

7. optimized-make-it-short-and-simple

8. optimized-use-it-everywhere

9. optimized-make-it-worth

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their Hearts.” – Dalai Lama.


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