Your Identity In Color

Jotun Announces the Color Trends of 2019.

Inspired by the belief that our homes are a reflection of our identity and personality, the region’s leading paint brand Jotun has unveiled its 2019 Color Trends under the theme of Identity.

The latest collection takes into consideration the insights of a global network of color-trend researchers, and explores a range of color palettes developed by color experts to reflect that distinct urban lifestyle. From light to dark and everything in between, the collection embraces 28 colors defining homes around the globe for the coming year.

Choosing the right shade can be challenging, so Jotun created a color card to help you narrow it down and create your personal color identity. Designed to create practical color combinations with an easy-to-use tool, it allows users to easily identify complementary shades within a single color family, or create harmonious color variations within the same space.

Three creative identities – Calm, Refined, and Raw – embody a spectrum of unique personalities, each relating to one of the three palettes and guiding you to making a home truly your own. To find your favorite color from the new palette, download Jotun’s Color Design app, which allows you to visually test the color on your existing interiors and facades, and simplifies the process of color selection that aesthetically fits your space even before you paint.

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