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Wrapping the year with ‘Spotify Wrapped’ Spotify’s gift of 2021

With 2021 coming to an end, a quick Spotify streaming rewind is coming your way! We will get a sneak peek at Saudi’s 2021’s top lists.

Today, we slide into the curtains of Spotify and its streams. In honor of ‘Spotify Wrapped’, this campaign is ready to offer new features including New data stories to express your year in audio and even more shareability. In addition to  Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you will be able to share on your wrapped cards Tiktok. With ‘Wrapped creator experience’, artists can also have access to all what their fans have listened to this year! How cool is that?

Spotify wraps the year with ‘Spotify Wrapped’
With the Spotify Wrapped campaign, we are getting a preview of the most listened-to streams while also introducing the personalized user experience where we each explore our individual top artists, albums, songs, playlists, and podcast genres for more than 381 million global listeners! So, What have we been listening to?

Hey Saudi, What did you listen to most this year?
Masked Wolf’sAstronaut In The Ocean’ is the most-streamed song of Saudi’s 2021. Very much expected! According to the campaign, BTS is the most listened-to artist this year. But let’s not forget about the traditional playlists, for instance, the Sheilat playlist has been immensely listened to for striking a chord with Saudi streamers for its slang and culturally filled genre. Abdullah Alfarwan is the lead artist with the highest streaming rate by bringing ancient poetry to his upbeat musical projects with the ‘Leh El Jafa’ and ‘Wesh Ozark’ coming in second and ninth.

Some of the listened-to Sheilat songs include Abdullah Al Mukhles’sAshkor Jamalik’ and Bader Al Ezzi’sEl Donia Dawara’. As we are on the topic of Sheilat, the most listened-to playlists are Best Sheilat, Top Khaliji Songs, and Top Gaming Tracks.

Who we listened to
Let us take a look at the 2021 most-streamed artists:

What SONGS we listened to
The songs we jammed to this year:

What ALBUMS we listened to
Whose albums we danced to this year:

What PLAYLISTS we listened to
The playlists we chilled to this year:

What PODCASTS do we listen to
The podcasts we learned from this year:

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