World Chocolate Day

Get Godiva with it.

Chocolate is considered sacred in modern day life, and also during the times of the Aztecs as it was their currency. Soon enough chocolate grew to its edibility, and people began experimenting to bring the best of tastes out of it. One of those people is Godiva’s founder and creator, Joseph Draps. He founded Godiva in the Belgian lavish ‘20s, and thanks to him, now we have this premium chocolate that is purely loved by your taste buds._collectiongold_kv_v_0702-copy-2

Godiva is known as one of the chocolate leaders of the world. It was inspired by Lady Godiva’s Values: her passion, generosity and pioneering spirit; Lady Godiva was a noblewoman who changed things in her time.godiva_2010catalog_12

Much like the noblewoman, Godiva changed the world of chocolates by introducing their truffles and shell-molded chocolate pieces to its European-style biscuits, individually wrapped chocolates, gourmet coffees, and hot cocoa. A delicacy that is beyond perfection – only Godiva!godiva_2010catalog_%e5%b7%ae%e3%81%97%e6%9b%bf%e3%81%88_0412

Thanks to the efforts of making this brand a global power, Godiva ventured into Saudi Arabia in 2013, the first branch opened in Jeddah. Shortly after they opened 17 stores and 11 café’s around the kingdom, a testament to true chocolate gourmet. Godiva catered itself to the Saudi market by bringing its luxurious café’s with chocolate dipped fruits, biscuits, and pastries, and let’s not forget their signature cakes.stacked-truffles-on-brown-background

Location: Roshana Center, Tahlia
Tel: +966-12-261-6630

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