Working Mamas

By Eman Bukhari

What to do when you have to juggle baby and work.

There’s great admiration for mothers with full-time jobs (on top of their already full-time job of being a mama). It’s obviously overwhelming, but a few tips can help create a supportive system to ease the load.

  • From the start, let your first day back to work be towards the end of the week, giving you time to ease in and adjust slowly.

  • The first three years come with the major question: who will take care of your child while you’re at work? Unless you have a nanny at home, the answer is usually a daycare. When researching spots, always consider the following: the place’s hygiene, the staff’s qualification and the nanny-to-child ratio. Also, are the activities stimulating enough and are the hours flexible? As for regular communication, many daycares today even have social media accounts and can send you updates on how your child is doing.

  • Early on, a daily routine for your child decreases anxiety and develops self-discipline to enable them to manage their own routine. For example, when it’s time to eat, let your little one know that they have to pack up their toys and wash their hands. That way, when you’re at work and its lunchtime, they’ll know what to do. The same applies to other areas in his daily schedule such as sleeping, doing homework and self-care. And, remember, routines don’t have to be boring. Turn every routine-building into a game and a fun way to bond.

  • Still, be careful not to overwhelm your children with activities. Giving them alone time allows them to be independent, creative and able to entertain themselves.

Some mothers feel guilty when they make the choice to have their own time and work. It’s completely natural, but think about the positives: how you’re contributing to your family’s livelihood and taking care of your loved ones and how you’re taking care of yourself and doing what you love.working_mom_and_daughter

Potential sidebar of daycares

  • Global Village Preschool

Location: Jasmine Village Compound, Khobar
Mob: +966-590598015
Instagram: gvpreschool

  • Kids & Co.

Location: Khobar
Tel: +966-13-8147979 / +966-13-8581664

  • Seasons Daycare

Location: Khobar
Mob: +966-553669663
Instagram: seasons_daycare

  • Little Geniuses

Location: Dhahran
Mob: +966-565552421

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