Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Winter is The New Summer

Winter is The New Summer

Your guide to experiencing the most adventurous winter in the Kingdom.

As the Kingdom bids its final goodbye to the cruel UV rays and blinding sunlight that can roast a tandoori in no time, we open our arms to one of our favorite seasons- winter’s finally here! On that note, we bet you’re looking for the perfect way to escape the winter doldrums to revitalize your sense of adventure; and we take pleasure in showing you how it’s all done the Saudi way.

1. Hike
This chilly season is the perfect time to hit the trail and experience a super easy microadventure. The best way to escape the grind is to hit some of the best hiking trails across the Kingdom.

2. Camping
As the winds howl, and winters bless the air, you should totally get your camping game going. However, we suggest you make your camping trip comfortable and cozy with a good bonfire and a great team to sing along with because again, it’s going to get really cold. There are several ways to camp, you have the option to bring your own camping gear, or you can rent a full set-up camp, with a tent, electricity, seating areas and anything you can ask for. Of course, in both cases, don’t forget to pack some food and snacks.

3. Desert Shenanigans
Desert adventures aren’t really pleasing during the summers unless you’d love to get grilled or are a huge tan-fan. But winters are the perfect time to get all your desert adventurous fantasies fulfilled! Be it sandboarding, quad-biking or camel riding, get it going ya’ll!

4. Horseback Riding
Whether it’s along the coast, or at the desert; horseback riding is the thing to do all year long, but we have to admit that it is more enjoyable when the temperature cools down.

5. Ride away!
When the cold weather sets in, there’s nothing like getting out on a motorbike and enjoying breeze as you ride down the road.img_20171209_104522

Events to look out for:
Formula E’s Gen2 Era – December (Riyadh)
MiSK Global Forum – November (Riyadh)
Riyadh Motor Show – November (Riyadh)
Saudi HORECA – November (Riyadh)
Foodex Saudi – November (Jeddah)

DKSA Reccommends:
Top Winter Adventure Spots
Edge of the World (Riyadh)
Asfan (Northern Jeddah)
Jabal Al Qarah Mountain ( near Khobar)
Red Sand Dunes (Riyadh)
Bahrah (near Jeddah)
Halfmoon Beach (Khobar)
Durrat Al-Arus (Jeddah)
Half Moon Bay (Khobar)


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